Zipping Over Pauma Valley With La Jolla Zip Zoom

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I love Zip Lines. The adrenaline rush, the wind in my face, and of course always a wee bit of fear as I dangle hundreds of feet in the air before the zip begins. I guess you could call me a Zip Line junkie. To date, I’ve zipped over Downtown Vancouver during the 2010 Winter Olympics, between Blackcomb & Whistler Mountains and over mountain pastures in Idaho. Today I’m adding another Zip adventure to my resume and that is with La Jolla Zip Zoom in Pauma Valley just outside San Diego. Let’s strap in and start zipping and zooming.

Ready for a training Zip Line

I didn’t even know San Diego had a Zip Line adventure so when I found out I immediately booked myself in. You need a rental car for this adventure as La Jolla Zip Zoom is located about 1.5 hours North and Eat of San Diego in Pauma Valley. DO NOT follow the Google Maps instructions on how to get here, I did and got lost. Instead, follow the directions posted on their website and turn onto La Jolla Indian Campground Road. I had no cell service for the last 15 minutes of driving so make sure you keep your eyes open for the big sign that says La Jolla Zip Zoom; that’s when you turn.

Ok, enough about me getting lost. I arrived just in time to gear up with my fellow zippers. It is safety first here, and you get outfitted with a harness and helmet. Make sure to wear clothes that will be comfortable under a harness.

Gearing up for La Jolla Zip Zoom

All strapped in we proceed to the “test zip” area. Here everyone gets a short practice zip so they can get comfortable with the harness and how to break.

And off I go

Once everyone has had a practice run and feels good to go, we load up in an ancient Army transport truck and begin the climb to the top of the mountain. In total, we will have three Zips to enjoy. All are tandem, so they are perfect if you are with a friend. The first one is the longest at over 2000 feet while the last one is just 300 feet, but oh so fast. You may reach up to 50 miles per hour if you know what you are doing.

Loading up in the truck to take us to the top of the mountain

As we climb to the top of the mountain, our guides go over more safety guidelines and share some stories about the area and the La Jolla Indians that operate the Zip Line.

La Jolla Zip Zoom guides storytell on our drive between zip lines

We have reached the top of the mountain and it is finally time to start our Zip adventure, but first we have to climb to the top of that tower.

Zipline tower at La Jolla Zip Zoom

This is the 2500 foot long Zip, and they boast it is the longest one in Southern California.

Time to climb to the top

The first pair is ready to go….

Ready for a tanddem Zip at La Jolla Zip Zoom

2500 feet may not seem long but zipping through the air it actually lasts quite a while, and you get a great view once you get over the initial rush. Landing is always fun and if you aren’t prepared it is a bit of a jolt.

it is a bit of a jolt.

Arriving via Zip

The final zip was the most fun for me. I pencilled my legs straight out and went for it. No radar gun is tracking my speed, but I was going fast! In all the Zip Line adventure was about 2.5 hours from gearing up to taking it all off again. Well worth the drive from San Diego.  It also gives you a chance to drive along some older highways and to see parts of Southern California you may not normally see.

I can’t wait for my next Zip adventure. Thanks, La Jolla Zip Zoom for an adrenal rush.

It's a test zip line


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Disclosure: General

My adventure with La Jolla Zip Zoom was hosted by Visit San Diego as part of their support for this travel series. My views and opinions are 100% my own. This post was not reviewed or seen prior to publishing.

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