What Adventure Should I Do? 30 Day Adventures

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Let’s Experience an Adventure Together. What to do in Vancouver

Starting June 2nd and ending on July 1st I will pick one Adventure each day and post the blog the next day sharing the adventure and experience with you. Now each adventure has to be suggested by YOU! Here’s how it works.

  1. Leave a comment on this blog with the following details: your name, twitter name (if you have one) and of course the Adventure or experience you would like me to do.
  2. Include a link to the Adventure you’d like me to do if they have a website if you’d be willing to accompany me on the Adventure!
  3. Email me your contact details at 30dayadventures@gmail.com if you’d be willing to accompany me on the Adventure!
  4. If you have multiple Adventures you’d like to suggest please only post 1 Adventure idea per comment.

There is also a contest to win a cool adventure package from me (specific items included are being worked on as we speak) and the winner will be drawn on July 2nd, 2012. Here’s how to enter

  • suggest an adventure in this post. All previous adventure suggestions from the launch post will be included in the draw. (1 entry)
  • post the following on Twitter (1 entry)
    • RT to enter to win an Adventure Experience from @Amuse_events #30DayIdea //ow.ly/b8a75
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About Author

Marc Smith is a former event planner turned vagabond adventurer. He loves strong Americano's, great wine, cold beer and zip lining over tree tops. Formerly of Vancouver, most of Marc's time when not travelling is in Canada's largest city, Toronto. Follow along on his nomad adventures and discover places to stay, things to do and where to eat & drink as he explores the world one city and region at a time.


  1. Well, even though I’ve never done it and probably don’t know when I’ll get the courage to do it myself there is the infamous Grouse Grind to do. I know it will be lots of work and your knees might give out, but I’ll do it with ya! Might take us a full day to complete, but think of the refreshment we can have at the top when we are done! 🙂

    • Join me on the grind. Ill be aiming to do it every saturday and wednesday start time is 7am and.it.is for.the bc childrens hospital grind.for.kids

    • I agree about the Canadians game. But better still, come cheer on my son’s little league team as they go for the playoff win in Dunbar. Tasty, cheap burgers and treats at our parent-staffed concession, sunny weather (not guaranteed), baseball, what more could you want in summer?! Various dates available June 5-16.

  2. Hi Marc! Really love this idea…you’re really putting “YOLO” into action!

    My suggestion:
    This is one of those things that could be scarier than jumping off the bridge, or swimming with sharks, but it would be pretty cool and daring if you participate in The Improv Challenge on June 26th! http://www.vtsl.com/mainstage/shows/improv_challenge.php I’m not going to be in the country to do it with you, but I’m sure that it would be a hoot since you can definitely do this with other non-experienced improvisers! It would be really fun if you’re up for it.


  3. How about you and I head over to Chewie’s in Kitsilano and learn how to (hopefully safely) shuck oysters? That is, if you’re an oyster fan (are you)? Oyster shucking, great tunes in the restaurant, and some chilled wine. What say you?

  4. Greetings Marc!

    Terrific idea. You’ll be one well-experienced (exhausted?) Vancouverite by month’s end.

    The whole world comes here for nature…so let’s get you out to experience the best of the best on BC’s waters. Take BC’s premiere marine adventure, The Ultimate Day Tour with Prince of Whales.

  5. Looking forward to having you spend a day helping with our Adopt-a-School. That lugging books to the newly renovated library at Franklin elementary was just a practice run!

  6. Lots of great ideas been sharing! You will have a pretty interesting 30 Day Adventures for sure! LoL…

    My suggestion is a bit athlete. “Bike the whole seawall”!!!

    Everyone has run, bike or walk on our beautiful sea wall at some point. But doing it all could be a little challenge but totally worth it! Starting from Vancouver Convention Centre,all the way through Coal Harbour, Stanley Park, English Bay, False Creek, Granville Island and Kits Beach. Want more challenge? Let’s keep going to UBC!!!

    I’m totally with you if you want to do it. Could be a lot of fun! 🙂


  7. Dave Alexander on

    Another one,

    Goose Tour! This is pretty new, and very fun. Prolly good to do towards the end of your 30 Day Adventure and see how much you have learned through your journey. We’ll see who’s the truer Vancouverite between the two of us.


  8. Cynnamon Schreinert on

    Suggestion!! Come to the Opening Night celebration of Bard on the Beach on Thursday, June 7th at 8pm as we kick off Bard’s 23rd season with The Taming of the Shrew. Join us after the production for a special reception in the Bard Village with bubbly and tasty bites. For information on Bard check out http://www.bardonthebeach.org or let me know through Twitter – @CynnamonS

  9. Spend a day helping in a soup kitchen for the homeless. This will help put the rest of your life into perspective. Take each day as if it was your last – make it fun, make it humbling and make the world a better place for what you learn. Have a great time! NK

  10. Volunteer at the Vancouver Food Bank for a few hours. We did it a few years ago as an organization, and it definitely changed my perspective!

    • Yes, do Trail 6 down, and after your day walk around to the north/east. The scenery is impressive and the sun will follow you. Stop at Acadia beach and read a book as the sun sets and the city lights up in the distance. Have fish n chips for dinner on the beach. Take the bus home or have friends join you for a drum session.

  11. Hey Marc! 30 Days of Adventure sound great. And, don’t forget a fitness component… with all this adventure in one’s ‘special month’ and all months, a commitment to exercise you enjoy is important! My friend Darnelle Moore at Eastside Fitness offers group classes in this great East Van location (Fraser/43rd) – so affordable, and a totally great local business. Yoga, pilates, ‘fit camp’ (beginner and advanced). One of your 30 days adventure could be ‘try something new workout wise’ and do a fit camp class or something that grabs your interest. Her blog offers a ‘weekly challenge’ of integrating heathy habits into one’s life – eg. pushups (I’m on 20 a day, every day), more yoga (my ‘adventure’ means 1 class a week minimum), eating a new veg, more water, less driving (yeay!), more beans, etc Trying something new is a great adventure, and one can’t enjoy all of lives other adventures without a decent fitness base. Let me know what you think!!!!

  12. Name: Cole Roberts
    Twitter: @allan_cole & @nordicaphoto
    URL: http://www.nordicaphotography.com

    How about helping create a concept for a photography session with a couple and grab a camera for the actual session? The process of finding a couple willing to be photographed, coming up with something original (location / theme / wardrobe / etc.) and implementing the idea might be a fun challenge for you.

  13. Hey Marc,

    How about conquer a fear? Whatever it is, I’m sure that there is a company that can set the stage, and you could bring all your supporters, have a group of mental health professionals hold your hand, talk you through, etc. It’ll be your own Fear Factor episode. It’ll be a big hurdle that you’ll have overcome in this challenge.

    twitter: @nancyeng6

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  16. 1. Be a farmer for a day at Maplewood Farm on the North Shore
    2. Stand up Paddling in front of Granville Island
    3. Climb the Squamish Chief (it’s in Squamish but close to Vancouver)
    4. Spend a day with the Chief of the Squamish Nation

  17. Hi Marc

    Thank you for a day of so much fun on the golf course. I enjoyed your company and our time together very much.

    As a true friend I want to challenge you with a potentially life changing experience… And I am willing to share the experience with you… It is not easy, it is difficult but there is a reward to know more about ourselves and get control of what we really want in a difficult area.

    Ok, so here is the challenge: you register for myfitnesspal.com and for 3 days in a row, you enter all the exercise you do and all the food you eat, without judgement…only “as it is”, with loving your self whatever your choices are at this time. Then you let the system give you a feedback and “if you want” you set a goal, to exercise more or to make different choices when you eat… I find it quite empowering.

    Voila. Let me know if you wish to tackle on this challenge and I will glad be joining you and share our experience!

    Lots of love,

    • Just before you get to the Reiffel Bird Sanctuary, there are a couple of farms that let you pick your own berries. Picking your own berries for a few hours makes you appreciate how tough farmer’s work is.

  18. Walking or biking along the dikes in Delta is always a nice thing to do, but more so around Christmas time when/if the snow owls happen to be in the area. The dikes are spectacular and you can always see eagles and hawks, but the snow owls make it a special treat.

  19. Feel like a super athlete for a day. Come and train with the National Canadian Wheelchair Rugby team in advance for the biggest event this year pre London Paralympiques. We’ll get you in a chair, have you banging around with the guys and provide you with VIP seats in the beer garden for the medal games during Canada Cup June 21-23, 2012. Now that is different! 🙂 I am emailing you more details.

  20. I’m a tropical guy from Kenya, so I cant honestly say I’ve done this…yet, but I hear the diving in Howe Sound is supposed to be exciting and you could even help with some of the Ling Cod surveying that the aquarium gets divers to help with, but I’m sure a dive in our own backyard would be a great experience. I’d be up to join you for that (but only in a dry suit 😛 )….there’s a great co in my neighbourhood – OceanQuest, who’d be a good choice!

    Also one of my own challenges this summer is to get as many of these hikes off my list – http://www.vancouvertrails.com

    Keep us posted on how things are going!

  21. I have another excellent adventure for you… play in the trees at WildPlay Maple Ridge! WildPlay Maple Ridge is a scenic escape, just down the road from Golden Ears Park and along the Allouette River.
    mon-ki-do® [muhng-KEY-doh]
    noun: a series of suspended obstacle games that increase in challenge, height, and fun across four Course Sections of ladders, cargo nets, rope swings, tightropes, swinging logs, wobbly bridges, and other aerial surprises.
    verb: the playful “monkey-see, monkey-do” action of testing physical and mental limits; learning that with bravery and practice life is a never-ending evolution.

    Climb, swing & zip through the forest!
    (I grabbed that straight from their website) http://www.wildplay.com/parks

  22. Alright – for this one you will need to wear your choice of green or red flannel. or something with the sleeves ripped off. Let’s do the suburb special. First we work up an appetite shooting guns in Port Coquitlam http://www.vancouvergunrange.ca/index.php, then we go to North Delta to Desi Junction for spicy Indian food, and then we top it off with a bar fight in Surrey at Pancho and Lefty’s…

    If you dare….

  23. Hi Marc!

    I can suggest with 110% enthusiasm that you participate in the RUSH Vancouver on Saturday June 23rd! This event is Amazing Race-esque and sees teams of two scour the beautiful city of Vancouver deciphering clues and participating in challenges! We at the BC Lung Association will test your mental and physical limits in this Race and Urban Scavenger Hunt that raises awareness and money for lung disease. The grand prize? A trip for two around the world! Yes. Around the world!

    The cost to enter the race is only $35 per team mate and we also ask that you raise $200 (or more!!) for the BC Lung Association.

    I know you have the competitive spirit in you, Marc! Check out rushvancouver.ca for more info and sign up!

  24. Jacqui Baillie on

    Oh, so many ideas… here are but a few:

    Cooking Classes, there’s Dirty Apron which is a little pricey or Cookshop (http://www.cookshop.ca/store/)

    Paddle Boarding, you can go from around Jericho beach and it would be beautiful – although you might want to wait until the weather is nicer! (www.windsure.com/paddle_surfing.html)

    Ziplining at Wild Play in Maple Ridge (http://www.wildplay.com/parks/mapleridge?gclid=CO-sx6r1zLACFUQaQgodyFk_Vw)

    Indoor Skydiving at Flyzone in Delta: http://www.flyzone.ca/index.html

    That’s it for now… have fun!!

  25. Hi Marc-
    I’d like to invite you to come paddling with my dragon boat team on a Tuesday night! Practice is about an hour and is really fun. My team has paddlers from 20-60 years in age both girls and guys.
    Dragon Boats will be all over False Creek this weekend for the Alcan Race!

    Here’s a clip of a practice race that ‘spontaneously’ occurred This past Tues.


  26. Ok, Marc. I am sending you on a mission to track down and personally chat with Rick Antonson, CEO of Tourism Vancouver. He has to experience this mission firsthand and how better to do it than for him to be the mission for your day.

    You must meet Rick in person and spend at least 20 minutes with him. Coffee, chai or tea is acceptable. Lunch is even better.

    Rick’s own wife sent him to Timbuktu for a haircut…and Rick went. I am simply sending you to find/meet him Rick a coffee. No hair follicles need be disturbed.


  27. …and you must go lie in the thermal and alternate cool baths of Scandinave Spa in Whistler… ahhhh….

  28. I’m with Melanie. The thermal pools and cold plunges at Scandinave in Whistler are awesome.

    You should go Zip Trekking in the morning, have lunch in the village and then head to Scandinave to relax in the afternoon.

  29. Get out and try the Wild Tour at Vancouver Water Adventures. It’s a crazy 2hr jet ski tour from Granville Island that goes from there to West Van, the Fraser River, and Howe Sound! Great times and guaranteed to get soaked!

  30. How about flying a plane?! I did it once…SO MUCH FUN! You’d fly with an instructor who’d take off & land the plane, but once you’re up in the air, you get the controls! 🙂

    Discovery flight – http://kinggeorgeaviation.com/
    “Our Discovery flights start as low as $54. You have a choice of flying over beautiful White Rock beaches, tracking the curves of Fraser River, orbiting the rush hour traffic in Downtown Vancouver, or allowing the beauty of local mountains take your breath away…”

    I’d be happy to join you…lemme know!


  31. The best, potentially scariest adventure yet – come celebrate my 35th birthday on Canada Day!! We can sum up and reflect on your monumental month of adventures, go on a pub crawl, listen to live jazz or watch fireworks (or all of the above!). If you need a partner in crime for your final adventure I am available!!

  32. Hey Marc, I noticed you went paddle boarding with that company…well I went jet skiing with them last year and it was insane!! the machines were awesome and the scenery was amazing. I am 100% willing to go with you…it was the best time ever and I’ve been dieing to go back. Catching waves, drinking salt water, the whole experience was great. I love being on the water and this is for sure one of my favorite ways!!! Hope to hear from you Marc!!

  33. I know it’s hard to commit to a full day when you are so busy but I was going to suggest a rafting trip with Hyak. I know you have been a few times already! Some other adventures that I think would be great (and would love to do with you) is Wild Play in Maple Ridge or an afternoon/evening at Raw Canvas. I’m free all weekend…hint, hint.

  34. Have u been to White Rock? Great little border town to US. Nice beach, shops, restaurants. Train to US goes thru it

    Have a great trip!

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