Westward Ho! Public House & Grill, It’s Not Just For Golfers It’s For Foodies

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Come for the view, stay for the food.

As you enter the UBC Endowment Lands on the right hand side is one of my favourite Golf course in the city, University Golf Club. It’s a very busy course and extremely popular for golf tournaments of every size but what many people don’t know about is the great restaurant and patio that is also there. Westward Ho! offers up spectacular views of the course and a kitchen that serves up food any casual dining restaurant would be proud to serve. I’ve enjoyed many dinners and even a wedding in their banquet rooms over the years but my favourite place to dine has to be the patio which overlooks the 10th fairway and the gazebo garden. Westward Ho! is 30 Best Patios worthy and it’s only 30 minutes from downtown Vancouver by bus.

Westward Ho!

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If you take the #4 or #14 Bus from downtown Vancouver it will drop you off straight in from of University Golf Club at 5185 University Boulevard. Walk a few hundred feet past the putting greens into the clubhouse and then all the way to the back and you’ll find yourself at Westward Ho! There has been a golf course on this location since 1929 and that’s what the restaurant is named after, the original golf course.

University Golf Club clubhouse

eastablished in 1929.

The inside of the restaurant is very Westcoast lodge style with stone, beams and comfy chairs but when you head out to the patio you can see they’ve started to update their look. Today my timing was impeccable because just minutes before I arrived the rain had stopped. A light drizzle that had sent all the diners back inside meant I get the pick of any table I want. Of course I choose the table with the best view, actually that is every table. If you look to the left side you look down onto teh Gazebo Garden, if you look right you can see the 10th fairway of the golf course. The views are everywhere and what’s best is it feels very private and intimate.

Westward Ho! patio with a view of the golf course

Gazebo Garden view from the left side of the patio

10th fairway view from the right side of the Westward Ho patio

The first order of business after sitting down has to be a beer. I start off with a Deschutes IPA off the tap. In the reflection of the patio you can just make out my lunch buddy Ivan who’s feeling camera shy.

A Deschutes IPA at Westward Ho

I leave the menu ordering up to Ivan and he does not disappoint me. Three fantastic dishes, one after the other. First up is his favourite, Halibut Sliders. Bloody hell they are good! Crunchy with just the right tanginess from the coleslaw, these are a must order when you go next time. Next up is a Cobb Salad that is yummy and dressed just right with lots of blue cheese and avocados.

Halibut Sliders

Cobb Salad at Westward Ho

The third and final dish that Ivan ordered has got to be the show stopper. For the final dish we are having the Chef’s Burger. Topped with Applewood smoked bacon, Portobello mushroom, gorgonzola cheese, Guinness aged cheddar, crispy shoestring inions and a garlic tarragon mayo. This burger is a two hander and you need a bib. I had to cut it in half it’s just soooooo big. Look at that house made patty. Nom Nom Nom.

Chef’s Burger, Topped with Applewood smoked bacon, Portobello mushroom, gorgonzola cheese, Guinness aged cheddar, crispy shoestring inions and a garlic tarragon mayo

Chef's burger cut in half

Patio Check list:

  • View – peaceful view of the 10th fairway and the gazebo garden
  • Reservations – yes
  • All weather patio – no this patio is for sunshine summer days only
  • parking – lots and it’s free or you can take the Bus as it drops you off out front
  • Social Media – follow them on Facebook and Twitter
  • Coolness – amazing food with great views and it’s so quiet

Westward Ho! Bar & Grill on Urbanspoon

When I was compiling the 30 Best Patios list it was important for me to share with you some of the icons and the ones that everyone knows about but it was equally import to shine a light on some of the patio spaces that only a select few know about. Westward Ho! is one of those patios. It’s part of a golf course so you wouldn’t normally even consider going there just for a meal but hopefully now that you’ve seen just how good the view and the food is you’ll go just for that. Leave the course for golfers let’s go for the food!

Cheers from the Westward Ho patio


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    • Thanks Marc for joining us and seeing what I call one of the hidden gem of patios in Vancouver…an oasis in the city…everyone is welcome at the University Golf Club…cheers!

  1. Well this secret is out.. one of the best if not the best in the city. Best staff, service and superb food. Take a drive, you will be very pleased you did.
    BTW…. it has been around for YEARS!

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