Our Top Tips to Beat Those Post-Holiday Blues

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Post-travel blues can get to us all at some stage. Two weeks in the sun without a care in the world other than which cocktail you’re going to have next and then back to reality with a thud! So how can we return home, hold on to the memories, bottle up that post-holiday hangover and look forward instead of back?

First of all, we need to understand and accept the post-travel blues. Post-travel blues is a feeling of sadness that some holidaymakers can feel upon their return home. This can vary in intensity, ranging from slight disappointment that you’re no longer soaking up the sun to feeling overwhelmed by emotion that your real life pales in comparison to your holiday adventure.

So why do we feel like this?  It is inevitable that we compare our normal life to our holiday we’ve just returned from. The freedom, spontaneity and sheer distraction from everyday routine are what makes a holiday so enjoyable, and let’s not forget all the new sights, sounds and flavours a holiday brings. Getting back into our daily can feel mundane and disappointing and revellers often find it hard to break out of this humdrum.

So what can you do to feel better?

Putting steps in place to pick yourself up from the post-holiday slump is necessary in order to keep a positive mindset. A holiday is supposed to energise you for months, not make you feel like your normal life is not that great. Part of why a holiday is so pleasant is that it is only temporary. Hold on to the memories and follow our tips to make the transition not only bearable but actually beneficial for you.

Here are five ideas to set you on the path to positivity after a holiday to remember:

If the break from routine is what you have particularly enjoyed then a good place to start is by mixing up your daily schedule and incorporates your most enjoyable holiday moments back into your life at home. If you enjoyed the different foods on offer why not head to a food market and set yourself the challenge of recreating a favourite meal. Borough Market, London’s most renowned food and drink market, is a great place to start but your city will also have similar markets and shops.

Borough Market

Find some new travel reads and transport your imagination far and wide. Reading is a fantastic way to broaden our mind and learn more about the world whilst also giving us more inspiration for other places to explore.  Travel books such as On the Road by Jack Kerouac help feed your wanderlust without the need to even leave your front room.

Immerse yourself in video games. Get the best of both worlds and experience all of the fun without the sunburn. World-building games such as Minecraft enable you to participate in a bit of summer renovation, creating forests, oceans and mountains all in the comfort of your own home.

Alternatively, why not learn something new? It will allow you to channel your holiday energy into a new hobby, and diverging from the daily grind in that way can feel like a mini-holiday itself. Yoga and Pilates are an excellent way to destress and focus on your inner self instead of dwelling on missing that sunny beach. You’ll also find that many hobbies can be holiday-themed. The traditional game of bingo, for example, has been given a 21st-century makeover online, and the bingo rooms over at Sun Bingo have a variety of themes, including the showboat room and the romance room. Are they examples of what you’re missing from your holiday? Whatever it is, make it a part of your everyday life in other ways.

Finally, you may want to start saving for your next adventure. If you’ve come back from holiday with an empty bank account now is the time to start building it back up again. Set yourself targets for how much money you want to raise and where you want to go. Pick a destination and help focus that optimistic energy into something productive.
Empty Wallet

empty wallet after many used book stalls” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by Liz Henry




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