Tech Review The Microsoft Surface Pro 4

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I travel a lot. How much you wonder? Well let’s just say I’ve been on over forty planes this year alone. In fact, just the other day I spent over nine hours flying from Miami to Los Angeles and then home to Vancouver. That is nine hours cramped in economy seating with little room to move. I always plan to work on the plane, but when the person in front of me reclines their seat back all writing plans are destroyed as my laptop won’t fit. I just received a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 with 6th Gen Intel Core I5 processor to try out, I think this may just solve all my problems.

Macbook Air versus Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Things I like about the Microsoft Surface Pro 4:

Size – it is small and very portable. The screen size is similar to my MacBook Air, but when it is open and in use, it needs less space. A perfect example is when on a plane I can remove the keyboard and use it purely as a tablet to watch movies or do some light work. With the keyboard attached, it still has a smaller footprint allowing me to work in confined spaces.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 with detachable keyboard

Kickstand – I love the built in kickstand located at the back of the Surface Pro 4. It allows me to adjust the angle for viewing without bringing an extra attachment or to hold it by hand. I already have plenty of gadgets and attachments so having this built in is a great asset.

Kickstand on the Surface Pro 4

Functionality & Processor Power – I don’t play a lot of games on my computers, but I do a lot of writing, some administration work, and plenty of video and photo editing. It’s part of my job, and the Surface Pro 4 can handle all of it with ease. Things that take a few minutes on my 2011 desktop to boot up are working within seconds thanks to the Intel I5 processor.

Editing a photo on Surface Pro 4

Stylus Pen – I wasn’t sure if I would use it, but it’s a handy tool to navigate the Apps without getting my fingerprints on the screen plus I can write out what I want to type when it’s in tablet mode and the programs transcribes my handwriting into text. Brilliant and a good space saver when I’m on a cramped flight across the continent.

Stylus Pen

USB Ports – My one complaint of other tablets was that there are no ports to connect my phone or USB sticks to. On many of my trips I often get USB sticks from places I visit with useful info to reference later. The Surface Pro 4 has a USB Port, and this means I can stay up to date downloading info I may need later. No more missing USB sticks for me.

USB Port on the Surface Pro 4

Things that take a little getting used to:

Windows 10 – I know that it is supposed to be easy to use but I have a 20-year relationship with the older versions of Windows OS and this switch to Apps and Tiles does take a bit of getting used to. The best part is the more I use it, the easier it becomes.

Who is the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 perfect for? Anyone that prefers PC to Apple, wants a small and light tablet with the functionality of a laptop and appreciates a quick and responsive processor. It’s time to upgrade your laptop and old desktop with the portable light and powerful Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

What’s your favourite feature?

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