Take Your Wine Tour To Langley And Visit Chaberton Estate Winery

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A 45 minute drive from Downtown Vancouver.

If you want to dip your toes into wine touring but can’t commit to a weekend in the Okanagan then I highly recommend you check out Langley’s own Chaberton Estate Winery. As one of the largest Estate Wineries in BC and the oldest winery in the Fraser Valley, Chaberton Estate Winery is sure to pour something you’ll fall in love with. Set in picturesque Langley with farms and pastures on either side, a visit to Chaberton really takes you away from the city but is close enough make it an easy afternoon adventure. A popular location for weddings and special events chances are good you’ll not be the only people at Chaberton Estate Winery no matter what time of year you visit. Of course you can always use the excuse to but wine directly from the winery as an a reason to visit, you’ve heard of farm to table, how about winery to glass? Let’s go check it out.

Cathy Browne and Gus Fosaroli cheers at Chaberton Estate Winery

Chaberton Estate Winery is located at 1064 – 216 Street in Langley, about 45 minutes from downtown Vancouver if traffic isn’t backed up. Super easy to find and plenty of parking on site. The winery is made up of a few buildings, the Wine Shop, a barrel aging room, crush pad and their restaurant and bistro named Bacchus Bistro. The first building you see though is the wine shop and tasting room.

Chaberton Estate Winery

Bacchus Bistro at Chaberton Estate Winery

Before I step inside the wine shop I get a tour of the vineyard from the GM Brian Ensor. With about 55 acres planted on the Langley estate you can see grapes vines everywhere. Of course being late September they are in the midst of the fall harvest so you see huge containers filled with the skins and by products of the crush. My guess is these will go back into the soil to enrich the land for next years crop. The grapes are so ripe and beautiful it’s amazing to see how  just a couple of months of sunshine can produce these sweet globes of awesome. While Brian was showing me around we witnessed a newly married couple having some of their photos taken in the vineyard. I’d passed the wedding party earlier outside Bacchus Bistro so it looks to me like this couple is in for a very fun afternoon! A great way to start off your new life with a wedding in a vineyard.

the vineyard at Chaberton Estate Winery

Grapes ripening on the vine at Chaberton Estate Winery

Chaberton Estate Winery GM Brian Ensor showing me the grapes

Wedding photos taking place in the vineyard at Chaberton Estate Winery

Back inside the wine shop you have two choices of tasting bars to choose from. The first is specifically for tour groups while the second one is for those of us that just come to the winery on our own. There is plenty to choose from when it comes to wine at Chaberton, everything from economical boxes of wine (perfect for large parties), mid range wine perfect for everyday enjoyment and then of course they have some “reserve” and small lot cases that are for those special occasions like Friday!

inside the very busy tasting room at Chaberton Estate Winery

tour group enjoying their tasting at Chaberton Estate Winery

Chabeton Reserve on display

I left my friends Cathy & Gus in the wine shop to run through the wines they wanted to taste while Brian took me for my special tasting inside the Barrel Aging room. Perfectly chilled with the aroma of wine and oak in the air, it’s a great spot to try some wines. Brian choose three wines for me. The first is the wine Brian considers to be the DNA wine of Chaberton and it is the 2013 Reserve Bacchus, next up is the 2013 Siegerrebe and last but not least the 2010 Valley Cab. The Bacchus is like sunshine in your mouth while the Valley Cab is perfect for BBQ steak, Yummy.

Quick List:

  1. Is wine tasting free? yes
  2. Can you eat on site? yes and they invite you to dine at Bacchus Bistro.
  3. Where can I buy these wines? Certainly at the Wine Shop itself, at your local BC Liquor store, or you can purchase directly online. .
  4. Are they on Facebook and Twitter? Yes you can follow them on Twitter and on Facebook.

With great wines like this and only 45 minutes from downtown Vancouver there is no excuse not to visit Chaberton Estate Winery. You don’t even have to wait for the summer to visit you can visit them year round. Pack your friends in the car and head out to Langley for a lovely afternoon of wine tasting and adventures, just remember to plan for a designated driver of book yourself a tour so that you can all enjoy yourselves!

Inside the Barrel Aging room at Chaberton Estate Winery

Thanks to the Wines Of BC for their assistance in helping to plan and organize this adventure. Start planning your next trip to BC wine country to discover the beauty and diversity of the Wines of British Columbia. There’s excellent resources with information on the province’s wine regions and what grows there. After visiting, relive your experience by picking up a bottle (or a case) at a BC VQA Wine Store.

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