The Road To Truro Is A Sweet One With Wine And Maple Syrup Along The Way

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What a fantastic nights sleep in Tatamagouche at the Train Station Inn. I’m sad to say goodbye but I’m cheered up knowing that my plan plans to be a sweet one. I’m back on the road today. This time I’m headed to Truro, Nova Scotia and along the way I’ve a few stops planned. There will be a visit to one of Nova Scotia’s premium wineries and a Maple Syrup Farm with over 2000 Maple Syrup taps. If that’s not sweet enough for you how about a nights rest at a Bed & Breakfast in Truro? I’m ready to begin my adventure and I’m pretty sure I’ll be having Maple Syrup dreams tonight.

Pancakes with Bacon and Sugar Moon Maple Syrup

It isn’t a long drive from Tatamagouche to Truro. In fact, the route I take adds about 30 minutes to the 1.5-hour trip I am planning. Instead of driving straight to Truro from the Train Station Inn I head North to Jost Vineyards and then work my way back to Truro.

The road to Truro from Tatamagouche

Stop number 1 is Jost Vineyards. It may be a bit early for wine tasting… Nah, it is never to0 early to taste great wines.

Inside Jost Vineyards tasting room

Jost Vineyards began in 1978 with the first vines planted by the Jost family and continues to be the oldest operating winery in Nova Scotia. They’ve won hundreds of national and international awards and have expanded the winery to include a vineyard cafe and a massive tasting room, which is where I am headed.

The Seagrape Cafe at Jost Vineyards

There are plenty of wines to choose from for your tasting. you must at the very least try their Tidal Bay. What is Tidal Bay? It is the first appellation wine of Nova Scotia. Many wineries in the province make a Tidal Bay, but each winery’s version is unique.

To obtain the Tidal Bay designation, all wines must be made from specific grape varieties, include 100% Nova Scotia grown grapes, follow a strict set of standards and be approved every year by an independent blind tasting panel.

Tasting flight of Jost Vineyards wines

During my brief stay in Nova Scotia, I’ve already enjoyed the 4 Skins  and the Tidal Bay with a couple of my meals. I always try to enjoy locally produced wines and beers when I travel and Jost Vineyards does not disappoint.

On my way to Jost Vineyards, I saw a sign for Malagash Salt Mine Museum. Did you know that Nova Scotia has a salt mine? I certainly didn’t so a quick detour and a tour is in order.

Archive photo from Malagash Salt Mine Museum

The Malagash Mine is the first rock salt mine in Canada and dates its operations from 1918 to 1959. It’s a small museum and it doesn’t take too long to explore it, but I recommend you start with a short video presentation by the staff on the mines history and impact on the region.

Short video and talk about the Malagash Salt Mine Museum

Then you are free to explore the exhibits and artefacts that have been donated by locals. It is looking back in time, way before there was something called the internet. Remember when everything was recorded in a notebook and you wrote letters?

Work desk of a forman at Malagash Museum

I’m back on the road leaving salty behind me and headed off for a sweet treat. The Sugar Moon Farm has been around since 1973 and used horsepower to bring the sweet sap from the 2000+ sugar trees to the production area. The methods used then are still being used today. Nothing has changed, just the owners.

Sugar Moon Farm, Nova Scotia

There are tours you can take to see how they turn clear sap from Sugar Maple trees into the best pancake topper ever invited, Maple Syrup. Or you can skip the tour and head straight inside to the restaurant and order yourself some food. What did I order? What else, but Pancakes with Bacon and Maple Syrup. It’s breakfast, lunch and it is delicious!

Pancakes with Bacon and Sugar Moon Maple Syrup

A visit to Sugar Moon Farm wouldn’t be complete without picking up at least one jar of Maple Syrup. I’m not gonna say how much I bought.

Sugar Moon Farm Maple Syrup

With a full and happy tummy, I am ready to complete my journey to Truro. Next stop the Belgravia Bed & Breakfast.

The Belgravia B&B

I am ready to drop off my bags and relax for a few hours here. It looks amazing from the outside and inside doesn’t disappoint. the first-floor sitting room is as comfy as you could imagine and my bedroom on the second floor is the same.

Sitting room at the Belgravia B&B

My room is a nice size with a deep and comfy bed complete with a large bathroom and all the amenities I need. Big props for great Wifi as well.

View inside my room at the Belgravia B&B

Cosy bed at the Begravia Bed & Breakfast in Truro

I may not be thrilled with the colour choice for myself, but this B&B is a great place for me to call home for a night’s rest. Speaking of rest I think I should get out and explore the town before I call it a night. I’ll be back tomorrow with what I’ve discovered.

Sweet dreams of Maple Syrup.

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Thanks to Nova Scotia tourism for their support in making this travel series possible. My views and opinions are 100% my own.

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