Spot Prawns To Chicken Squad, This Weekend Is All About Local Food

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Tis the season for fresh and local.

This Saturday is going to be one smoking busy day. First off I’m excited to attend the Spot Prawn Festival and get my lips on some tasty and tender BC Spot Prawns, will I see you there? Secondly I’ll be heading out to Langley to enjoy an evening with other social media friends as we get a sneak peek at Chicken Squad, a heart pounding thriller produced by the BC Chicken Marketing Board & the BC Chicken Grower’s Association. I know you don’t normally put action thriller and chicken farmers together but that’s what Chicken Squad is, Chicken Farmers fighting to keep our chickens free of hormones and steroids.  They’ve peeked my curiosity so I’m up for an adventure to Langley to find out more about it.

Chicken Squad let the journey begin

I’ve been doing my research on the Chicken Squad and I’ve found out that so far there are 8 episode/trailers available for viewing, all of course lead up to the big premier on May 12th. The trailers include Chicken Farmer Auditions, the Making Of and On the Farm scenes. I can’t wait to meet the team behind this campaign and concept. Maybe I can convince them of a cameo appearance by myself for 30 Day Adventures?  Here is 1 trailer episode from each.

Chicken Farmer Auditions:

Making Of:

On the Farm:

I’ll report back next week with a full review and recap of the premier party. I’ll bet that chicken is on the menu and I hear we are eating in a barn! Oh how I love an adventure. Stay tuned and sign up here to be amongst the first to watch the world wide premier of Chicken Squad.

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