Scenic Caves Eco Adventure Tour Is The Ultimate Blue Mountain Adventure

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How was that first nights sleep in the Georgian Bay? Are you feeling rested and relaxed? Good, now I bet you want to start checking things off your adventure bucket list. Wasaga Beach perhaps, maybe cycling along the Georgian Trail or maybe you want to do the ultimate adventure on Blue Mountain at Scenic Caves. Here you can book the Eco Adventure Tour which will take you on a journey over a suspension bridge, allow you to walk amongst the tree tops, zipline down a mountain and descend into ancient caves. This isn’t your sitting in a beach chair and drink a 6 pack of beer day, this is an adventure with a capital ADRENALINE. Make sure your camera battery is fully charged because this South Georgian Bay Scenic Caves adventure is photo worthy.

Unobstructed view over Blue Mountain to Georgian Bay & Collingwood

Located on the slopes of Blue Mountain at 260 Scenic Caves Road, Blue Mountains, Scenic Caves is just a short 15-minute drive from Collingwood. You can self-explore the property on foot during the Summer months or by snowshoe in the Winter months. I’ll take the Summer by foot, please. At the log cabin welcome centre, I sign in for the Scenic Caves Eco Adventure Tour. This is the guided tour that combines four different adventure experiences into one tour. Awesome.

Scenic Caves Treetop Top adventure tours & zipling over Blue Mountain

Map of the trails and scenic points at Scenic Caves

All signed up and ready to go the adventure begins with putting on the equipment and a safety briefing. I look ready to tackle anything don’t I?

Ready to rock the safety gear at Scenic Caves

From the log cabin, we begin our adventure on foot down a path towards the Suspension Bridge. Along the way, our guide stops to share some of the geological history of the area and to advise us to stay on the path. There is a lot of Poison Ivy in the woods, and no one wants their adventure ruined by Poison Ivy.

The journey at Scenic Caves begins with a short hike

First stop at a waterfall at Scenice Caves

Watch out for Poison Ivy, stay on the trail

Suspension Bridge – We have reached the first of our four adventures, the Suspension Bridge. Stretched over a ravine the bridge is an engineering feat and it offers amazing views down into the forest and across to Collingwood and the Georgian Bay.

Entering the Scenic Caves suspension bridge

Walking over the suspension bridge at Scenic Caves Blue Mountain

If you look hard enough in this photo you will make out the grain terminal building in Collingwood. It is an important landmark for the area and the scene of a future adventure I will have.

Unobstructed view over Blue Mountain to Georgian Bay & Collingwood

After enjoying the fine views from the middle of the Suspension Bridge we make our way to the other side where a tractor and wagon are waiting to take us to our next adventure. It’s a little bumpy so here’s hoping you’ve got a cushioned tush.

All aboard the tractor pull

Tree Top Adventure Walk – We have reached our destination which means it is time for a gear check and a safety drill on how to traverse the Tree Top. Most important lesson, Always have at least one cable attached to the safety line and yourself while up in the trees. Safety lesson #2 enjoy your surroundings and be in the moment, don’t rush yourself or anyone else.

Tree Top Adventure walk training

Rules of the Tree Top Adventure

Our guide shows us how to clip on the saftey cables

We are ready to begin our Scenic Caves Tree Top adventure. We have 600 metres to go and 15 transition points to negotiate. I take a few photos but decide to put the phone away and focus on putting one foot in front of the other.

Climbing to the first Tree Top starting point

Walking along the Tree Tops

Success and quite brilliant. The final Tree Top platform is also the beginning of our third adventure. Why climb stairs down when you can Zip Line?

Ziplining – A harness safety check is done, we are clipped onto the wire and we are off. A Zip taking us 300 feet to the bottom station. This Zip is perfect for first timers as the speed is gentle and not to fast. You can even film yourself zipping down if you want.

Harness saftey check


I decided to just hang around for an extra minute.

My graceful landing while ziplining

Back into the wagon and the tractor takes us back up the moutain to our final adventure the Scenic Caves that the entire adventure is built around.

Scenic Caves – The Scenic Caves are naturally formed and have a significant cultural history for the First Nations that called this area home for hundreds of years. As we descend to the cave floor the temperature drops dramatically. In fact, it is June and there is still some snow on the ground here.

Still snow in June at the bottom of the caves

Looking up from the bottom of Scenic Caves

Yellow signs indicate culturally significant features and locations as well as the various caves. You are allowed to enter them but as we are all geared up I’m a bit nervous I won’t fit in or if I do, be able to get out. It is cool enough for me to look into a few of the openings. One cave, in particular, worries me. Fatman’s Misery at its widest it is 14 inches across. No way in hell I am trying that cave, thank you.

Fatmans Misery cave entrance at Scenic Caves

A cave entrance at Scenic Caves

That’s enough of the Scenic Caves for me. With our attractions pass, you can come back here if I want to explore them some more. Off to our final adventure, the 1000 feet zip back to the log cabin where we started out from.

Last zipline fo the Eco Adventure tour at Scenic Caves

It is the last zip at Scenic Caves

And away I zip….weeeeeeeeeeeee.

Three hours and four adventures in one later and I am feeling pretty accomplished. Fantastic might be a better word to use. What an awesome day and honestly any skill level could tackle these adventures handily. Don’t rush yourself, have fun and most importantly trust your guides, they know what they are doing. Scenic Caves Eco Adventure Tour is a must do if want to adventure pack your vacation. Pack it all into one day and then sit at Wasaga Beach for the rest and you’ll be a happy camper. If you crawl into one of the Scenic Caves tag me in the photo so I can see what I missed.


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Thanks to Visit South Georgian Bay, Ontario Tourism and Chevrolet Canada for their support in making this series possible. This adventure was provided at no charge however my views and opinions are 100% my own.

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