The Roof At Black & Blue Where Sexy Never Left And You Are The View

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Take the party to the roof.

Some patios you go for the view and some patios you are the view, that’s how I’d describe the Glowbal Groups’ downtown steakhouse Black & Blue. Take the elevator up to The Roof and this downtown oasis transports you to sexy. Some patios are for relaxing, putting your feet up and chilling, not Black + Blue, sure you can certainly relax and have a great time put the only way you are putting your feet up is if they are covered by a new pair of shoes you just bought at Brown’s, Holt Renfrew or Ferragamo. If you are looking to celebrate something then look up and take the party to The Roof. 30 Best Patios is celebrating with our friends from Summerhill Pyramid Winery and there is no better place than Black + Blue, let’s pop some Cipes Brut!

Black   Blue Steakhouse

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Black + Blue is located at 1032 Alberni St but what you want is The Roof so once inside take the elevator straight up to the top floor. Right from the start you know you are in for an experience, a wall of fire and a massive sculpture of a steer guide you to the host station. My favourite time is Cocktail Hour from 3pm to 6pm where all the appetizers are 50% off and some drinks are only $5, it’s almost American Happy Hour. Apparently I’m not the only one who likes this time at Black + Blue because the patio is over half filled and it’s only 4:30pm. Since I’m celebrating with friends I’m taken all the way to the back corner booth which gives us a view of the entire patio.

Entrance to the Black   Blue The Roof

Cocktail Hour at Black   Blue

Setting my table up

Joining me tonight at Black + Blue, and the whole reason for the celebration, is Ezra Cipes and Eric von Krosigk, CEO and Wine Maker respectively of Summerhill Pyramid Winery. What are we celebrating? Why the fact that Summerhill’s Cipes Brut just won Trophy, Best Sparkling Wine of the Year for at the All Canadian Wine Championship. Way to go team Summerhill, this calls for a bottle of the Cipes Brut and some Oysters.

Eric and Ezra pour a glass of Cipes Brut in celebration

Cheers to the Cipes Brut

2 dozen oysters to celebrate please

Now that we have the toast taken care of it’s time to eat! One of my favourite ways to experience a restaurant menu is to put myself in the trusty hands of my server or in this case the Executive Chef Mark McEwan, we let Chef choose our items and in no particular order out they came. We started off with the Tuna Screamer and  Steak House Nachos, from Japan to the cowboy trail, nom nom nom. Where the Tuna Screamer was light and spicy the house made chips in the nachos were crispy and the BBQ sauce was Smokey.

Tuna Screamer

Steak House Nachos

Our next share bites were both crowd pleasers, Phyllo Prawns and The Roof Salad. As pretty as they look the Prawns are even tastier and as for the salad, well let me just say it’s Jerk Chicken (recipe from straight from Jamaica) and avocados, I don’t think I need to say anything else. Absolutely delicious.

Phyllo Prawns

Chef Mark McEwan delivers the Roof Salad

The Roof Salad

Me taking a bite of the Phyllo Prawns

I thought that was it but I was wrong, one last special dish that’s not on The Roof menu but it should be, Hot Rock, a super heated salt brick where you cook beef brochettes with a Worcestershire Ponzo sauce. This is a show stopper for sure and drew as many ohs from us as it created steam.

Hot Rock, a super heated salt brick where you cook beef brochettes with a Worcestershire Ponzo sauce

cooking the beef brochettes on a heated salt brick

OMG I’m full but apparently the Summerhill team isn’t. I guess winning huge wine awards builds up an appetite. Bring on the Steak special of the day and  a very sexy Shrimp Caesar Salad. While these were being eaten it got very quiet, they must have tasted as good as they look.

Special of the day at Black   Blue

Shrimp Caesar Salad

As you can see you can come for the food or just hang out and beautiful people watch, either way you will not be disappointed.

Sexy fire surrounds The Roof at Black   Blue patio

Pour me another glass please

Patio Check list:

  • View – yes you can see some of the surrounding towers but the view is who’s on the patio
  • Reservations – absolutley
  • All weather patio – yes it’s heated and has sun and rain screens that can be pulled out to provide all year dining no matter the weather
  • parking – best to walk but if you drive I suggest you Valet
  • Social Media – follow them on Twitter and Facebook, they will tweet you back quickly
  • Coolness – chances are if you hang around long enough the owners will come by to say hi, they are very hands on.

Black + Blue on Urbanspoon

So there you have it, Black + Blue The Roof is the 2nd patio out of 30 Best Patios and it’s something to celebrate.



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