Rock Climbing In Prince George, Truly A Mountain Of An Experience

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Hanging off the side of a mountain gets your blood pumping.

This 30 Days of Summer seems to be all about pushing my boundaries and challenging my comfort zones and I’m ok with that. I’ve been ziplining and mountain biking in Whistler but the real knee knocking adventure is happening in Prince George. As part of my #TakeOnPG I’m going to try rock climbing in Prince George with OVERhang Climbing Gym. If I was a normal and sane person I would stick to the indoor climbing walls they have at their facility but no I’ll actually try to climb a mountain with my travel buddy John Biehler beside me. One of the big pluses of living in the North and in Prince George is the wealth of outdoor adventures that are right outside your door. If you don’t like fresh air don’t live in Prince George. So here goes, fingers crossed, we are climbing a mountain!

Marc Climbing down the mountain in Prince George

To start off on our rock climbing adventure we meet up at the OVERhang climbing Gym located at the Prince George Golf & Curling Club building at 2601 RecPlace Drive. Co Owner Lauren takes us right through to one of the climbing gyms where all of our harnesses are carefully laid out for us. Lauren walks us through the harnesses, putting them on and then taking them off again after running through a quick safety brief. It’s highly advisable to do this at the gym and not at the base of the mountain for the first time, safety safety safety. Now that our equipment is all picked, packed and secure we sign the waivers, and check out the map to see where we are headed for the day, a patch of rock cliffs just beside Eaglet Lake near Willow River.

OVERhang climbing gym in Prince George

Rock Climbing harnesses

John is all ready in his Climbing Harness

Our Rocking Climbing destination is a 45 minute drive from Prince George

A quick pit stop to buy water and sandwiches for our lunches and then we are off. It’s about a 45 minute drive to Eaglet Lake and our rock climbing location. There is no formal parking lot so you need to know where you are going, luckily I followed right behind our guides so I didn’t miss where to stop. We gear up and are ready to rock climb.

Car parked just off teh side of the road at our rock climbing location

Team Rock Climb is ready to rock

Um excuse me, we have to climb that? Before we get to the base of our rock climb we actually have to scale up the mountainside, it sort of doesn’t look that bad but HOLY CRAP! It is steep and at certain parts I had to use both hands to grab at roots and trees to help pull myself up. At the beginning of the climb I was fin bust as we got progressively higher and it became steeper I could feel my heart in my chest and vertigo threating to overtake me. With Laurens encouraging words to go slow and at my own pace we did it, I did IT. Just look at the view of Eaglet Lake, it makes it worth it.

we have to climb this just to get to the Rock Climb base camp

I scaled the mountain

View of Eaglet Lake from high on the side of the mountain

I won’t lie this hike to get to the rock climbing base camp was freaking me out. I think it was about my lack of control, but Lauren and the rest of her team was fantastic and kept talking us through every step of the way. John was like a goat so he had no problems what so ever. When we arrived at our rock climbing base camp we took a small break, drank some water and let my heart beat return to a more normal level.

This is Dance Park 3 our climb Base camp

This is what I'm going to climb

I made a small video of my thoughts just as I caught my breath, check it out.

As you can see this was an adventure that really pushed my limits to the edge. Lauren and her team were amazing both in terms of guiding us, me specifically, and also for sharing their love of the sport of Rock Climbing. Here are some more of my favourite pics taken from the afternoon we spent on the rocks. Some are of John climbing up as far as he could go and some are of Lauren and her team climbing up the cliff face like they were born to it.

John climbing up the cliff face

look at John go

repelling down the cliff

Our days lasted for a good 6 hours and by the end of it John and I were both exhausted yet exhilarated. I did something I honestly didn’t think I’d be able to do. Do I want to go back and do it again right away, maybe not but I will try it again and next time I’ll be just a little less freaked out than I was this time. If we don’t challenge ourselves how can we grow and learn. I learned that when you try something like this for the first time, your success is dependent on the people you are with and I had the best people with me. Thanks Lauren and the whole crew from OVERhang for making this a truly memorable day for John and I.

Marc climbing the rock face

Now what’s your Take On PG? Pretty awesome place to get outside and experience adventure don’t you think? Would you be up for a rock climbing adventure?

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  1. The first time I went rock climbing it was in Thailand with someone who needed a partner and didn’t bother telling me that there were BEGINNER level climbs. And then he filmed my (shaking) butt as I made my way up the intermediate climbs. It wasn’t until the last day of my trip that I learned you can start slow and actually learn how. I learned fast, though – by necessity. Your way sounds much more sensible (although not much easier).

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