The Ride Of My Life With Xtreme Hummer Adventures On Pismo Beach Dunes

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Who wants to go for a ride? A wild ride? San Luis Obispo County is home to the famous Pismo Beach dunes and Xtreme Hummer Adventures has been wowing visitors with hour long dune rides for over 17 years. An hour may not seem like very long, but it was plenty long enough for me and my stomach to handle. It’s a roller coaster of a ride as you crisscross miles of shifting sand dunes riding up, over and through them. Some may wish to rent a dune buggy of their own, but I am happy to leave the driving to the experts. If the number of overturned carts is any indication I think I made the right decision as our driver hasn’t had a single accident in over 17 years of operating. I’ve taken my Gravol and ready for an adventure riding the Pismo Beach dunes!

Coming at me

The adventure starts in Oceano at the Rock n’ Roll Diner. This is where we meet Larry and his Son as they pull up in our rides. Waivers are signed and we are off!

Rock n' Rol Diner in Oceano California

Our Hummer for the ride

It is a short drive down to the beach where we pass through the gate and head towards the dunes. I am blown away by the amount of people camping on the beach. It is an RV village and we drive right past it.

driving along Pismo Beach, California

Tiny dune buggies off to race the Pismo Beach dunes

Once we get to the dunes the fun really begins. Here in 90 seconds is the experience. Crank up your volume and listen to that kid behind me wanting us to go faster. Oh, youth…

Half way through the ride Larry stops and gives us a chance to stretch our legs. It’s not my legs that need stretching it’s my hands I need to unclench from the roll bars.

The halfway break atop the Pismo Beach dunes

Sand for miles around me

Joking aside this was an amazing experience and one I am really glad I did. Definitely out of my comfort zone. Part scary and part exhilarating all at once. I can’t recommend this adventure enough the next time you are in San Luis Obispo County. You have to ride the Pismo Beach dunes with Xtreme Hummer Adventures.

Xtreme Hummer Adventures

If it makes you feel better these guys actually train the military on how to drive on the sand before Middle East deployment. What a ride and one I won’t forget anytime soon!

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Disclosure: General

Thanks to Visit California and San Luis Obispo County for supporting this travel series. My adventure was hosted, however my views and opinions are 100% my own.

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