Retire Seven Years Early And Travel The World. Is That Even Possible?

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At least once a week you mutter under your breath that you can’t wait for retirement to begin. You are so done with the nine to five slog. If you had enough money in the bank you would walk into your bosses office, place your resignation letter in the centre of their desk and walk out the door without ever looking back. Weekdays would be spent on the dock at your cottage, cold winter months would be spent in hot and sunny Caribbean climates and the rest of the year you’d be living stress-free. It sounds like a dream doesn’t it? Maybe it is, but some dreams come true and that is what Modern Advisor wants to do. Help you retire seven years earlier!

Wish you were here!

How is this even possible? All of my previous investing experience involves finding an investment broker I trust, meeting them in person, waiting for them to develop a portfolio plan for me, giving them a cheque and then waiting for my monthly statements to be mailed to me.

It is at the monthly statement stage of the process that I normally forget all about it. Money comes out of my account every month, I get a paper statement that I find hard to interpret and I hope that my investments grow instead of shrink. What I don’t know is how much of my gains and capital is lost to fees or if any of the investment choices pay a commission to my broker.

Modern Advisor Investment Platform

Modern Advisor addresses both of these challenges. You can check up on your investments day or night by logging into your online account or via their APP on your smartphone. You’ll see how your investments are doing and you’ll also see the fees that you are charged. Modern Advisor doesn’t pick any investments that pay commission to the broker so you know that is not a factor in choosing the right mix for your portfolio.

I personally think the best feature of Modern Advisor is their 30 Day free trial account. You have nothing to lose and it is a risk-free way to try out their service. Cancel anytime before the 30 days are up and there is no cost or obligation to you.

You probably have many questions about how Modern Advisor works and how they can help you retire seven years early to live out your dreams. I do as well and many of those are addressed on on their FAQ page. I can’t tell you what to do with your money, but I think that Modern Advisor is worth a look. Try out their 30 Day free trial account and if it all goes well then consider placing some of your retirement portfolios in their capable hands. Let the engineers, financial gurus and computer algorithms take away the stress of picking the perfect mix of investments for your risk tolerance.

Remember your future is only a dream if you don’t make it happen. Best of luck and maybe I’ll see you on a beach soon.

Morning walk on Kaanapali Beach in front of the Westin Nanea

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