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North Shore Shangri-la, The Shore By Adera

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Downtown living on the North Shore.

What would it take to get me to move from Downtown Vancouver to well anywhere? A lot! If any place in the Greater Vancouver region has a shot at it though it may just be North Vancouver’s The Shore by Adera. Touted as North Vancouver’s Shangri-la it just may live up to the hype and I definitely felt like I could call this slice of paradise home.

The Shore by Adera

I was invited to a special media luncheon recently at The Shore and the organizers pulled out all the stops including a gourmet lunch prepared by Executive Chef Darren Brown, formerly of the Fairmont Pacific Rim. Assisting Chef Darren with our meal is the team from Urban Cultivator, the latest craze in indoor gardening. Forget 100 mile diet these guys along you to serve herbs and micro greens that fit the 10 feet diet label.

Urban Cultivator residential hyroponic gardening

I’m getting a bit ahead of myself though, before I show you our amazing lunch let’s tour The Shore. Located along the Trans Canada Trail just off Marine Drive it is only a brisk 10 minute walk to the Sea Bus which makes downtown access pretty easy.

The Shore by Adera Map

The party is held in one of the rare 3 bedroom units, try to find one of these in Yaletown or Coal Harbour, on the first floor. The first thing I noticed when I walked into the suite was the kitchen. This has obviously been upgraded to the hilt but if you are going to cook at home why not have the best, and besides upgrade at the beginning and it’s all part of your mortgage Smile A spacious living room and dining room are open to the kitchen but what wows me is the massive outdoor space that wraps around the unit. This is perfect for the outdoor BBQ and party enthusiast. Now not every suite has this outdoor space but WOW just imagine the parties you could through. Chefs kitchen at The Shore by Adera

The Shore living room

Outdoor living at The Shore by Adera

Bedrooms and bathrooms are also very nice, but they are bedrooms and bathroom, they party is in the living spaces and that is where Chef Darren is at right now. Right in front of our eyes Chef prepares for us a delicious lunch using fresh ingredients, some of which came from the Urban Cultivator.

Chef Darren preparing lunch at The Shore by Adera

fresh ingredients grown in the Urban Cultivator

4 Simple courses. A beautiful and fresh Tomato and Burrata Salad with micro greens grown in the Urban Cultivator. Next we have a cold soup garnished with herb foam and Northern Divine Caviar. Our main course is a Butternut Squash Micro Green Ravioli with wild mushrooms. Our 4th and final course is a yummy Crème Brulee. Sounds and looks like a tasty lunch, but not as good as it tastes trust me!

Tomato and Burrata Salad with micro greens grown in the Urban Cultivator

cold soup garnished with herb foam and Northern Divine Caviar

Butternut Squash Micro Green Ravioli with wild mushrooms

Creme Brulee

What does a great lunch have to do with showing off a new condo development you ask? It’s all about the upgrades and Urban Cultivator is just one of them you can choose from Adera’s own i.d.by me. This service allows you to purchase your condo and then as it is being built you pick the finishes, upgrades, etc… Of course you have to lock it in by a certain date but this gives you the chance to custom your condo to your needs and budget and then Adera will finish it to your specifications and everything is included in your final purchase price. A pre build purchase but with the ability to create a custom suite tailored to your needs and likes. Just look at this pull out dining table perfect for small units that want a dining table but don’t have the space for one.

Pull out Dining Table option at The Shore by Adera

I’m not in the market to buy or move but this North Shore Shangri-la has me contemplating it. More space, brand new, customizable and less money than the downtown equivalent. I know a few people that might make the move to the Shore by Adera and I hope they have me over for a party as soon as it’s ready!

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