New York To Boston In A 2016 Camaro #FindNewRoads

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Happy Birthday, Chevy Camaro! You are 48 years old, and you’ve never looked better. I’ve been invited to take this beauty out for a 30-hour road trip starting in Syracuse, New York and ending up in Boston, Massachusettes. How can I say no? I have no pre-assigned route to follow, no agenda I have to stick to, just me and my friend John for 30 hours in a 2016 Camaro. Where will we go? What will get up to? I’m not sure, but I can guarantee¬†I will #FindNewRoads for me to experience. Let the road trip adventure begin.

2016 Chevy Camaro

Here is the route we travelled for our 30-hour road trip. Starting in Syracuse, we drive to Albany, Brooklyn, Times Square, and finally Boston. Over 400 miles and at least five coffees all experienced for the first time. Want to watch the trip? Check it out here

Now I’m not a super technical car guy, but here are some features I loved about the Camaro.

  1. CarPlay – how have we driven without this awesome piece of technology. Plugged my phone in and boom it is connected to the car. Apple Maps, Music, Siri all worked great.
  2. 4G LTE WiFi Hotspot – Even though I have a great roaming data plan for when I am in the US, it was awesome to connect my phone to the Camaro’s WiFi network. This means that using the Apple Maps doesn’t deplete my Data allotment.
  3. OnStar – Ok this is the coolest feature. Driving down the highway, we decided to stay overnight in Times Square. I can’t search for hotels while driving, so all I do is push the OnStar button and ask the operator to book us a hotel. It is that simple and easy. How cool is that? This is a subscription service but one I think is worth it if you love to take spontaneous road trips. I certainly do.

All in all a wicked trip made even more enjoyable thanks to cruising down the highway in the brand new 2016 Chevrolet Camaro.

Stuck in New York rush hour traffic


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Disclosure: General

This trip was organized by Chevrolet. My expenses were covered including meals, gas and lodging. My views and opinions are 100% my own.

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