Four Different Worlds In One Garden At The Naples Botanical Garden

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Ever since my visit to Butchart Gardens in the late 90’s I have fallen in love with botanical gardens. If a city I visit has one, chances are I’ve visited it and Naples Florida is no exception. I love the beauty and the tranquillity I feel when I spend time in gardens, especially if they are large and allow me to lose myself in my wanderings. A sunny morning in Naples is the perfect time to visit the Naples Botanical Garden in my opinion. The light is fantastic, only the early bird garden lovers are out and you can stay as long as you’d like. In one day you can explore the fauna of Asia, Brazil, Florida and the Caribbean. All on foot and with a coffee in hand if you so choose. Who wants a walk through the gardens? No picking the flowers, though.

Water garden

The Naples Botanical Garden is divided into four main zones. The Lee Asian Garden, Kapnick Brazilian Garden, Kapnick Caribbean Garden and the Scott Florida Garden. They represent the fauna found in these areas between the latitudes of 26º North and 26º South, the garden belt of the Earth.

Naples Botanical Garden lattitude zone

Naples Botanical Gardens hours & admission rates

From the Visitor’s Center I started my tour counter clockwise at the Kapnick Brazilian Garden.

Naples Botanical Gardens

Naples Botanical Garden Kapnick Brazilian Garden

Lush with plenty of water it is gorgeous and has quite a few of the Origami in the Garden art installations. I particularly loved the Rock, Paper Scissors.

Origami in the Park at Naples Botanical Garden

Rock Paper Scissors

There was also a lovely spot in the hardwood forest where I was sorely tempted to take a nap…

Nap time at Naples Botanical Garden

On to the Kapnick Caribbean Garden through the Water Garden to some cacti in the dry rocky scrub area. From lush to arid there is great diversity here.

Walking on the boardwalk

Kapnick Caribbean Garden

The largest area of the Naples Botanical Garden is the Scott Florida Garden. This is where I really took my time and walked along the two lakes within the garden.

Naples Botanical Garden Scott Florida Garden

I was hoping for an Alligator spotting but no such luck.

Caution Alligators

There is a birding tower within this section of the garden. The view is awesome and I can only imagine how epic it would be when filled with birds.

Panorama of the Florida Wetlands at Naples Botanical Garden

With only one major area left to visit I tear myself away from the Florida wetlands to venture into the Lee Asian Garden.

Naples Botanical Garden Lee Asian Garden

The smallest garden, but size isn’t everything. There are small hidden gems throughout for you to discover, including a Hindu temple (not seen here)

Inside the Lee Asian Garden

When you visit the Naples Botanical Garden I would plan on spending a good couple of hours here. If you have young children there are plenty of activities and classes available for them as well. Gardens aren’t just for looking at, there is plenty to learn here as well.


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Thanks to Visit Florida, Paradise Coast Tourism and the Hilton Naples for sponsoring this portion of my travel series. Views and opinions are 100% my own.

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