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How To Keep In Touch With Home While You Are Travelling

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Keeping in touch with friends and family at home while you’re travelling is vital and you might surprise yourself. No matter how grown up you are or think you are, staying away from home for a period of time relies on your own independence whilst your parents worry sick about you at home. Getting in touch make the people left behind feel at ease knowing you’re safe. Plus, I bet they’d love to know what you’ve been up to! Why not send them a little souvenir from your travel with the help of parceldelivery.com? We realise it’s not always possible to make a phone call home each day, which is why you should think of alternative ways you can get in contact when it counts.

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Contact them as soon as you arrive

Be sure to contact your friends and family when you arrive to keep them in the loop. Tell your family that you will call them as soon as you touch down in a new destination. It’s best to avoid giving them a definite time to avoid panic. When travelling, you can’t be certain what time you’ll depart or arrive at your destination so it’s best to tell them you’ll call them when you can and let them know the time you are due to land to avoid sparking panic.

Don’t spark unnecessary worry

If something a little out of the ordinary happens on your trip but you are left unharmed, then think about not bringing up the topic until you return home safe and sound. The last thing you want to do is to make them worry about things that could or have happened involving your safety.

Make sure they are aware when you can’t be reached

If you know you’ll be visiting an area that doesn’t have mobile or internet connection, make sure you tell them before you go or journey to that place. That way, they won’t be sitting around waiting for a call from you and won’t freak out when they reach an automated message each time they attempt to call. If you can, estimate what day you will be contactable again so they can expect to hear from you and not be alarmed when they hear from you unexpectedly.

Agree on a form of regular contact

Agreeing on regular contact can depend on multiple factors including your situation, relationship with your family and where you are planning to stay. Before you jet off overseas, agree with your family how often you plan to call them. Even if it’s a short few minute long phone call, they will appreciate the effort to know you’re safe, well and having a fabulous time! Parents prefer to hear your voice over what you’ve been doing via email, but emails are great if you’re in a rush and don’t have time to check in properly or want to stay in touch with other family members or even your work colleagues and friends.

Use social media to stay in contact

Travel blogs are just another ideal way of keeping your family, friends and the world informed of where you are and what you’ll be doing. You never know, you might become the next big travel blogger! Be niche, invest in your blog and network outside of travel to see what was once your travel diary bloom. Don’t get us wrong, blogging can be seriously hard work, so make sure everyone is aware in advance if you miss a daily upload.

Similarly, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram never fail either. Sharing your location, posting a pic or tweeting something you’ve learnt is a great way for your friends and family to keep on top of where you are and gives your family and friends peace of mind so they can go about their daily routines knowing you are safe.

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