Adrenaline Rush Soaring Over Kaanapali Resort On A Maui Zipline Adventure

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Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places on Earth and up until this moment, all of my experiences have been firmly rooted on the ground. Even my  4:30 am wake up to ascend to the top of Haleakala to catch the rising sun kept my feet firmly on Maui soil. Today’s adventure is about to change that. I’m going to soar with Maui zipline and adventure company Skyline Eco Adventures over Ka’anapali Resort. Harnessed to within an inch of my private parts I can’t wait to see a different perspective of this epically gorgeous part of the world. Let my Hawaiian adrenaline adventure begin.

The first zipline and the platform on the other side

Like most adventures I’ve had here on Maui, this one starts fairly early. It is good to beat the heat and why not get the adventure out of the way so that my afternoon is clear for pool and ocean time. We meet up at the Skyline Eco Adventures office located within the Fairway Shops located off the highway between two of the entrances to the Ka’anapali Resort. Waivers are signed, coffee is consumed and now we wait for our ride to take us to the ranch where our adventure takes place.

Skyline Eco Adventures Zipline tour office in Lahaina

Once we arrive at the base camp we are outfitted with our harnesses and helmets and advised to leave our wallets, keys, etc… in the secure lock back. If you lose your wallet while zipping over a canyon it will take hours to find it. Talk about a needle in a haystack.

Geared up and ready to Zipline

Back into the van, we are taken up to the first of eight lines we will be traversing. This is a short run and perfect for first timers to get some confidence under their belts. It may be short but it is always fun!

The first adventurer to cross

Our group is a mix of first timers and experienced zippers like myself. We even have a few that appear to be mildly afraid of heights. They soldier through though and every zipline gets a bit easier or so it appears.

Catch me if you can

I may be an old hand at ziplining but it doesn’t mean I land gracefully every time.

Our guides, on the other hand, seem to have mastered the landing.

Our guides are real posers

Most of the lines are close together so a short walk and we are to the next line. There is one stretch though that involves a short hike and this is where you can really appreciate the view from the slopes of the mountain down towards  Lahaina, Ka’anapali Resort and on towards the ocean.

Hiking to the next zipline

Amazing view of Lahaina from the mountain slopes above

I am very glad this Maui zipline adventure started early in the day. By the time we wrapped up the temperature had hit about 30ºC which is fine when you are lying by a pool, but geared up and hiking it can make for a sweaty time.

Tonnes of fun and loved seeing a different perspective of Maui and Ka’anapali Resort. Something I would definitely consider doing again. Next time I may do the eleven line course.

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Thanks to Ka'anapali Resort Association and Visit Maui for their support in hosting me during this travel series. My views and opinions are 100% my own

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