Holiday Giving Is The Gift Of Dignity And A Brighter Future

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Happy Holidays! No matter what holiday you celebrate this is a magical time of the year for many people. It is about gathering with loved ones, whether they be friends or family. It is also a difficult time of year for many people. Memories of loved ones that are no longer with us and for many, it is a financially difficult time of year. I’ve reached the stage of life where presents have been replaced with “presence”. I would rather a night out with friends celebrating the season than even the most well thought out Christmas gift. Flying home to spend quality time with my Mom and family trumps buying them the perfect gifts. We all have enough stuff, but there are some that don’t and that is where I focus my holiday giving.

Gift of Dignity, holiday giving

My life is one magical gift after another and I can thank my hard working parents for laying the foundation that all my success is built upon. That is why when it is time to make my holiday giving pledge I think long and hard about the organisations to support.

There are so many worthwhile groups and causes that do amazing work in the community and I try to support as many of them as possible but one that stands out for me is the Boys & Girls Club of South Coast BC.

Did you know that over 12,500 kids and families in BC are served by the Boys & Girls Club? No one has ever been turned away because of an inability to pay. This means that these kids and families have access to clubs, counselling, Camp Potlach and employment services.

The foundation of a great life is formed in our childhood and thanks to the hard work of the Boys & Girls Club these children and families have the opportunity to reach beyond their circumstances for something more than they could achieve on their own and it is all done without the humiliation and embarrassment of “proving” need.

The truth is, it’s really hard to ask for help, and that the vast majority want to pay what they can for what they need. Yet all too often, people need to prove they need help (by showing their t4 slips or pay stub or some equally humiliating exercise). – Carolyn President & CEO, Boys & Girls Club of South Coast BC

This holiday season when you are considering your naughty & nice list consider supporting an organisation like the Boys & Girls club with your holiday giving gift. It is the gift of opportunity for the Boys & Girls and allows the family to preserve their dignity and self-worth.

Happy Holidays to you and your family from me. May 2017 be filled with glorious adventures and self-discovery.

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