Harold’s Bistro & Bar, An Oasis With Something For Everyone

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A courtyard bistro sheltered from the world.

Appearances can be deceiving sometimes. To look at the Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel you wouldn’t expect to find a restaurant with a patio worthy of 30 Best Patios, but you are wrong. Behind the hotel facade lies Harold’s Bistro & Bar which has a courtyard patio that can only be described as an Oasis. In between the two hotel towers there is a swimming pool for guests and even a small garden plus tables spread out all for patrons of Harold’s Bistro. If you are looking for a restaurant patio in Richmond to escape your day or even just hold a business meeting without the buzz of the world around you this is the place.

Harold's Bistro & Bar

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You can find Harold’s Bistro & Bar at 7551 Westminster Highway, Richmond. There is lots of parking if you drive or an easy 5 minute walk from the Richmond-Brighouse Canada Line Station. I took the Canada Line and walked, no traffic nightmares thank you very much. From the outside I’m not sure what to expect but once I’m inside I’m very impressed as it’s so tranquil and I can feel like I’m on vacation.

Harold's Bistro & Bar patio pool view

Tranquil and peacful setting at HArold's Bistro & Bar patio

I was hoping I’d catch a glimpse of the man that the restaurant was named after but apparently I’d just missed Harold. He’s been coming to this restaurant for lunch every day for 35 years and he even has his own special table. How cool at 94 years old to have a place named after you, heck they even have his photos all over the restaurant walls.

Harold is 94 years old and comes to Harold's Bistro everyday for 35 years

Harold's story

Harold is part of the decor

Since I’ve missed Harold I grab a seat and start ordering some food. It’s a smoking hot day out today so my drink of choice is water and iced tea. A much harder decision to make is what to have for lunch. With guests coming in from everywhere the menu has something for everyone, which can e a blessing and a curse. With my servers help though I was able to pick a few dishes that stand out. First up is their Smoked Salmon Flatbread. They have 5 different flat breads to choose from but this is my servers favourite and she didn’t steer me wrong.

Smoked Salmon Flatbread

Sticking with an all seafood diet my next two dishes were the appetizer sized Calamari and the Crab Cakes. These are definitely made to share portions and believe it or not both are as tasty as they look. The Calamari was crispy yet tender and bloody hell the crab cakes are awesome. They also have a crab cake burger on the menu which is probably what I’ll have the next time I come for lunch.

Crispy Calamari at Harold's Bistro

Crab Cakes at Harold's Bistro

Patio Check list:

  • View – private inner courtyard, you can choose a view of the pool or of the garden
  • Reservations – no
  • All weather patio – they do have umbrellas for shade but the patio is not covered
  • parking – lots of parking available
  • Social Media – follow them on Facebook and Twitter
  • Coolness – you feel like you are on vacation when you are here and you are hidden from the world

Harold's Bistro & Bar on Urbanspoon

You know the saying don’t judge a book by it’s cover? Well I guess we shouldn’t judge whether a Hotel has a good patio until we’ve checked it out for ourselves. The next time you are in Richmond why not check out Harold’s Bistro & Bar. Perhaps when you are Richmond Centre and finished your shopping head here for a quick bite, it’s a very short walk and the food is way better than the Food Court. Explore and have an adventure, you won’t be disappointed and you may just get to meet Harold himself.

Harold's Bistro & Bar is a true oasis in Richmond

Lots of room and great courtyard views at Harold's Bistro


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