A Romantic Gondola Cruise Around Naples Island

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Yesterday I explored the legendary Queen Mary, today I’m cruising Naples Island on a slightly smaller vessel. A Gondola to be exact. Picture it, snuggled all cozy relaxing while my Gondolier takes his single paddle and slowly guides me around the three Islands that make up the Naples Island in Long Beach. If you can’t afford a trip to Venice, Italy this is the next best thing.

All aboard Gondola Getaway

Located within the resort community of Belmont Shores, Gondola Getaway is a piece of Venice right in Southern California.

Gondola Getaway

I had my first gondola cruise booked for the evening, which would have been awfully romantic, however, it would have been too dark for photos, so I rescheduled for a slightly earlier time the next day. Either way, it’s a great experience. Pack some snacks and a bottle of wine and you are all set for a leisurely romantic cruise.

Welcome aboard your Gondola

Once aboard your Gondolier heads out towards the first canal opening.

Heading towards the canals

We are off on our Gondola adventure

The cruise takes you back in time and to another world when travel by rivers and canals was the fastest way to get around. This cruise isn’t built for speed though.

Go slow

Cruising through Naples Island canals

As we lazily make our way through the canals, you can’t help bet look up at the all the beautiful houses that line the waterway. Ranging from $1 million to almost $8 million there are some pretty spectacular houses that line the way. What they all have in common is a small wharf for their boats and water gear.

Beautiful houses line the waterways

Boats along the Naples Island Canals

Like any small village, this community is pretty friendly. My Gondolier seemed to know many of the locals we spotted along the upper walkways who all offered greetings of hello and how are you. The waterways are also a place to meet your neighbours, as we met a few folks paddle boarding along.

Man paddling through the canals

After we made our way through the canals, it was time to return to home base. As we pass under the last of three bridges that connect up the islands, my only regret is that it is coming to an end. I could do this all day, and next time I will bring a bottle of wine to enjoy.

Passing under our last bridge on the way to dock

There is one last sight to see before we finish up though and that is the Party Gondola. I call it that anyway. A young girl and her friends on one boat while the Moms were on the other. A fun way to celebrate a special day.

A birthday party Gondola

A fun thing to do when you are in Long Beach and so unique an experience. Unless of course you visit Venice, Italy.

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