Getting Around Salt Spring Island By Air & By Car

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Getting around Salt Spring Island is pretty simple. You either walk it or you drive it and considering the Island is over 180 square kilometres driving may be the fastest and most convenient method. Getting to Salt Spring Island is also easy. You can either take BC Ferries, two are required from Vancouver, or you can express your way over by taking a flight with Salt Spring Air. Harbour to Harbour flying is by far my favourite method and It gives me more time to enjoy the Island. Pair it with renting a car from Salt Spring Car Rental and all my transportation needs are met.

Arriving at Ganges Marina by Salt Spring Air

Salt Spring Air – From Vancouver, I can fly to Salt Spring Island from two locations, the Float Plane Terminal at Vancouver International Airport or the Downtown Harbour Terminal at the Convention Centre. From either of these terminals, I can fly directly into Ganges Harbour. Depending on your plans this may be all you need to do. Most of the hotels on the Island will pick you from the Float Plane Dock if requested.

Flying over Stanley Park with Salt Spring Air

One of the main reasons I love to fly Salt Spring Air (they recently merged with Harbour Air) is that it is a double adventure. Not only am I getting transported to my destination in under 30 minutes, but I also get a great sightseeing opportunity along the way. Flying into Salt Spring on this trip was pretty grey and rainy, but the return flight to Vancouver was blue skies and magnificent views. Check them out.

Ready to return to Vancouver on Salt Spring Air

Approaching Downtown Vancouver on Salt Spring Air

Coal Harbour by Sea Plane

Amazing and with Taxes included the flight is about $131 each way.

Salt Spring Car Rental – Previous visits kept me within easy walking distance of Ganges Marina so I never bothered with renting a car for getting around Salt Spring. This visit I planned to get out and explore more of the Island so I hooked myself up with a rental from Salt Spring Car Rental.

Salt Spring Car Rental

As expected Josselin from Salt Spring Car Rental met me at the Float Plane Dock. From there it was a 1-minute drive to their office located next to Moby’s Pub. If I were to walk from the Dock to the office, it would have only taken me about 10-minutes.

A little bit of paperwork to sign and I am given the keys to my Ford Fusion for a couple of days. Far more room than I need as a single traveller, but plenty comfortable for my cruising around the Island.

Parked car at Baker Beach Parking lot

It is the Winter season so I’ve lots of car options to choose from. Everything from cars, vans, SUV’s, pick up trucks and convertibles. They even have a fleet of scooters available if that is more your speed. Winter rates range from $59 to $79 a day.

Salt Spring Car Rentals Scooters - photo courtesy Salt Spring Tourism

No matter how you decide to arrive, getting around Salt Spring Island is easy and with these two choices, you can create the getaway you want from the moment you leave Vancouver.

I say pack a light bag, hop on the float plane and leave all your worries behind. Book a car or a scooter for the days you want to explore the Island and just relax. Let the magic that is Salt Spring Island seep into your being and recharge your soul.

Next trip over I’m booking a scooter, so watch out.

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Transportation was provided at a media rate for this trip. My views and opinions are 100% my own. This post was not reviewed prior to publishing.

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