Forget The Meat Gracias Madre Serves Up Vegan Mexican

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Vegan Mexican Cuisine? WTF! That is exactly what I said after I heard that the restaurant I was going to for dinner on my first night in West Hollywood served. What about Carne Asada Burritos, Pork Tacos and Chicken Mole. These are my go to Mexican dishes, but according to all the online reviews, Gracias Madre is the Mexican restaurant to try when you are in WeHo. Life is an adventure, right? I’m up for giving it a try, who knows I may just like vegan Mexican.

Gracias Madre Vegan Mexican restaurant

Tip #1 for enjoying dinner at Gracias Madres, make a reservation. This restaurant located on Melrose Ave is hopping. I had a reservation and I still had to wait 20 minutes for my table to be ready. Don’t worry, the wait is worth it.

A look inside Gracias Madre West Hollywood

If you do have to wait for a table, saddle up to the bar and order a cocktail. Their cocktail list is impressive and is all about… Tequila and Mezcal. I ordered a Mero Mero made with both Mezcal and Tequila while my date had a spicy Margarita.

Cocktails at Gracias Madre West Hollywood

What goes great with a cocktail in a Mexican restaurant? Guacamole of course. Freshly made and delicious.

Fresh guacamole at Gracias Madre

Our table is ready for us, and we are ready for some treats from Gracias Madre. To start off the meal we have an order of Cauliflower and Brussel Sprouts. In Mexican, they are called Repolitos Fritos and Clorifor Frito. Ok, I am starting to warm up to this vegan Mexican. In fact, everything we have tried so far is delicious and is packed with flavour.

Repolitos Fritos aka Brussel Sprouts at Gracias Madre

Clorifor Frito aka Cauliflower at Gracias Madre

Our main courses don’t disappoint either. We order a plate of three Tacos. One is grilled cauliflower; anther is grilled squash and mushrooms while the third is stuffed with refried beans and cashew crema. OMG they are so good.

Tacos three ways, stuffed with Cauliflower, Beans and Grilled Squash & Mushrooms

Up close on the tacos

Our last dish is called Flautas De Camote, rolled fried tortillas stuffed with Sweet Potatoes, caramelized onions, guacamole, black beans and cashew nacho cheese. I dare you to miss meat with this dish, or any other dish we enjoyed at Gracias Madre.

Flautas De Camote at Gracias Madre

While my head wanted dessert, my stomach was saying enough. We are stuffed and couldn’t eat another bite if I tried. I have to admit to some apprehension about coming to Gracias Madre when I heard they were Vegan, but after this meal, I will absolutely come back.

Cheers to cocktails at Gracias Madre

Remember to make a reservation, Gracias Madre is a hot spot!

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This meal was hosted by Visit West Hollywood as part of a travel series in Southern California.

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