Taste Brodo Is Simply Fresh Food

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Made from local ingredients and with love.

Great wineries, a lake made for swimming and a hotel that is right on that beach, what more does Penticton need? A great casual dining restaurant. A place you can go to wearing your beach attire or even better pick up your food to take to the beach. Well guess what, they have the perfect place and it’s called Taste Brodo. The brain child of owners Chef Paul & Holly Cecconi, Taste Brodo offers up locally sourced ingredients in a variety of soups, sandwiches and salads. To top it off the talented Holly cans and preserves everything, just like your Grandmother used to, so if there was something on the menu you enjoyed you can take some of it home with you. I’ve heard great things about this place and I can’t wait to find out if it lives up to the hype, I’m guessing it does.

Taste Brodo in the heart of downtown Penticton

Home made Preserves at Taste Brodo

Taste Brodo is located in the heart of downtown Penticton at 483 Main Street on the corner of Padmore Avenue. A former Chrysler dealership from the 50’s the space has been transformed into everyone’s favourite place to get a soup and a sandwich. The style of the interior is part rustic, part Canadian Pickers and part local artisan craftsmanship. Cast concrete bistro tables are set next to a wooden family style picnic table and the walls are adorned with signage and pictures of old town Penticton. It’s pretty awesome. The kitchen is open so when you place you order you can see it being made fresh right in front of your eyes.

Inside Taste Brodo in Penticton

family styl;e table and antique sinage along the walls

The kitchen is open to the guests and you can see you food made to order

Speaking of made to order, Allison, Rebecca and I are starving! We step up to the till and place our orders and then sit back at the family table waiting for our food. Before what we’ve ordered comes out though Chef Paul has a surprise for us, a Charcuterie and Cheese plate using some of their home made preserves, salsa and the creamiest Liver Pate I’ve ever enjoyed. Now to pair with my meal I’ve gone rogue and said no to wine but yes to Picker’s Hut handcrafted Cider which is made right in Kelowna. Perfect way to cool down on a hot summer night is a glass of cider.

Charcuterie and Cheese plate using some of their home made preserves, salsa and the creamiest Liver Pate I've ever enjoyed

Picker's Hut Premium Apple Cider

Seriously those preserves, meat and cheeses are so good I could have just ordered another plate and been happy but then I wouldn’t have gotten to try what I’d already ordered. For me it is a Chicken Tortilla Soup and the daily sandwich special which today was Chicken Salad with Bacon. Rebecca went for the Grilled Cheese sandwich served with a side of creamy salmon salad. All made fresh by Chef Paul and his team right in front of our eyes. I can’t speak for Rebecca’s food as I didn’t taste it, I heard lots of mmmms though, but I can tell you that I enjoyed one of the best Tortilla soups of my life and the  Chicken Salad sandwich was absolutely divine.

Chicken Tortilla Soup with a Chicken Salad Sandwich

Grilled Cheese sandwich served with a side of creamy salmon salad

Chef Paul making a sandwich ot go at Taste Brodo

I’m stuffed, filled to bursting with no room left in me, oh wait Chef Paul is bringing us out a dessert. Ok I have a little room left. They make their own GIANT Ice Cream sandwiches. Everything is made from scratch, the cookies and the ice cream. YUMMY. Heaven, I’m in heaven. Now that is the way you finish a meal.

Taste Brodo famous Ice Cream sandwich

It’s discovering gems like this in Penticton that make these 30 Days OF Summer adventures so rewarding for me. Sure I love tasting wine, rock climbing and eating great food but what I really love is meeting people that are passionate about what they do and seeing that passion in their products and services. Paul could have served me cardboard and I would have loved it. When you next visit Penticton you have to stop here for a bite to eat, trust me you won’t be disappointed. They cater and while I was up they were preparing dinner for Macklemore and the other performers at Boonstock so if it’s good enough for them it’s good enough for me.

Chef Paul and one of his cooks in front of their preserves for sale

Brodo Kitchen on Urbanspoon

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