Deschutes Brewery Public House, A Taste Of Oregon Hospitality & Great Beer

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17 Taps all pouring some of Deschutes most popular beers.

If breakfast is the King of meals then Craft Beer is the crown prince of beverages in Portland. Known as the craft beer capital of the world, Portland is home to over 50 different breweries and I plan on tasting as many of their fine brews as possible. First up on the brew pub tour has to be Deschutes Brewery which I tried for the very first time at a beer festival in Boise, Idaho in August of 2013. I loved it then and I’m sure I will love it here in Portland. Technically the brewery is in Bend, Oregon but what’s a few miles and besides, they have a massive Pub right in the Pearl District of Portland, just a 10 min walk from my hotel. I think it’s time 30 Days In Portland started drinking some beer! Let the hops flow.

Deschutes Brewery & Pub Portland

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Located at 210 NW 11th Ave. Deschutes Brewery Pub is located right behind world famous Powell’s Books. It’s a Tuesday night and yet there is a line up already. My buddy John Biehler has joined me again for an adventure so while we wait for a table to be ready we cross the street to browse at The North Face store. Oh so tempting to shop before dinner and beers. Luckily we got buzzed before we did any damage to our credit cards.

Deschutes Public House

The pub is huge inside and has a very rustic Northwest feel to it. Did I say it was busy? It’s packed.

inside the Deschutes Brewery in POrtland

Me inside Deschutes. I'm happy

Before we even think about food we order some beers. John ordered the Fresh Squeezed IPA while I went for the India Red Delicious. Guess what? They are awesome. What goes perfect with beer? Why a Brewery Pretzel of course, served with a side of stone ground mustard and melted cheese. I seriously considered ordering a second one of these just for myself and calling it a night. Warm fresh pretzel with that salty taste covered in cheese and smothered with mustard, OMG nomnomnom.

first two beers of the night

Brewery Pretzel with cheese and mustard

Showing tons of restraint I resisted a second pretzel and instead ordered the Petite Flat Iron Steak. John fell victim to his BBQ weakness and ordered the 18 hour Smoked Brisket. Both dishes were fantastic. My steak was cooked perfectly and John’s brisket fell apart as soon as the fork touched it. Perfection. To wash down our meal of course we needed more beer. This time we went with the Brewers Sampler Flight, 6 beers at 4 oz each. it couldn’t get better than this, oh yes it can it’s only $8. Red Chair NWPA, Bachelor Bitter, Oatmeal Stout, India Red Delicious, Fresh Squeezed IPA, and Hop Henge IPA Experimental IPA.

Petite Flat Iron Steak

Smoked Brisket

Brewers Choice Sample Flight

To round out the night and a fabulous time at Deschutes we had to have dessert. Now I have a massive sweet tooth and one of my all time favourite desserts is bread pudding so when I saw they had 2 choices on the menu I couldn’t resist. I ordered the Apple Caramel and John had the Cheeky Monkey Bread Pudding. It was apple/caramel versus Banana/Chocolate and guess what, It is a tie. Seriously if you like bread pudding these are a must try. I promise you will not be disappointed and they are bi enough to share, trust me.

Apple Caramel Bread Pudding

Cheeky monkey Bread Pudding

Three and a half hours later with full bellies and a wee bit of a beer buzz it is time to say goodnight to Deschutes. It’s not goodbye it’s good night, I’ll be back again soon.

Deschutes Brewery & Public House on Urbanspoon

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