All Day I Dream About…. Shopping At The Adidas Employee Store

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It’s a Adidas fan’s shopping dream come true.

All day I dream about Sex. Do you you remember that phrase? If you do then guess what we are the same age. When I was in Junior High School Adidas was the “it” brand and I couldn’t get enough of the “three stripes”. It’s 30 years later and I still love Adidas, so much in fact that when the opportunity came my way to go shopping at Adidas North American headquarters while in Portland I couldn’t say yes fast enough. OMG I’m going to go shopping at the Adidas Employee Store! I’m as excited as a kid in a candy store. I hope my credit card is ready for some intense action, this could be dangerous. What makes this upcoming shopping spree even better is that because it’s in Portland it’ll be TAX FREE! 30 Days In Portland goes shopping and hopefully I stay under the duty free limit for when I return back to Vancouver. Let’s go shopping.

Adidas North American headquarters

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Located at 5060 North Greeley Ave you can’t miss the Adidas complex. As John Biehler and I approached in our Taxi we saw them out the window, two massive Adidas Superstar sneakers statues. It happened so quick I was lucky to snap this pic, rain drop on the window and all. In hindsight I wish I went back to the sneakers and posed for a picture. Next time.

Adidas headquarters with sneakers

Of course the complex is so large it takes up many buildings and even has an outdoor soccer playing field. The field was in use by a youth soccer league while we were there, it must be a cool experience for them. The building I came to see and the only one we are allowed into of course is the Employee Store.

Adidas head quarters soccer field

Adidas Employee store in Portland

This way to the Adidas Employee Store

Of course not everyone is allowed into the Employee Store, you have to show your Adidas employee ID (which I saw them verify) or you have to have an Adidas Employee Coupon pass. That is what I have and man I’m lucky to have it. Basically you have to find someone who knows someone who works at Adidas and they can get you a pass. I got mine while drinking beers at the Widmer Brothers pub with Lorin Gelfand and John. A former Widmer Brothers employee was in enjoying a pint, came over to say hi to Lorin and then was introduced to us. When I found out where he worked I jokingly said “can you get me into inside to go shopping?” he said yes and the next day had the pass for me! Apparently you can also find them on craigslist if you really are desperate to go.

Adidas Employee Store coupon

So I’ve now made it past the check in desk and I am free to shop till I drop. John isn’t as interested as he’s already gone crazy shopping for electronics but I’m ready to get serious. The store isn’t huge and it’s fairly packed with racks of clothes and people but’s it’s awesome. The staff are very friendly, helpful and everywhere! Every place you turn there is someone to help you out. I’ve never had such great service before and this is a discount store. Oh by the way did I mention that everything in the store is 50% off? Yes that’s right 50% off.

first steps inside the Adidas store

Inside the Adidas store

More view inside the Adidas store

World Cup soccer gear  at the Adidas store

I wrapped up my shopping in about an hour and did pretty good I think. 3 pairs of shoes, 1 pair of golf pants, 2 pairs of golf shorts, 2 pairs of work out shorts and a birthday gift for my awesome Nephew back home. Oh and about 4 packs of underwear as well, can’t forget those as they were cheap, cheap, cheap. All in all I had a great time and I was able to get a ton of stuff I need and at 50% off.

inside the Adidas store rows of shoes

just one pair of shoes I bought at the Adidas store

I’d reveal how much I spent but I don’t want to make you jealous so I’ll just say it was less than what I expected and I walked out feeling happy, very happy. Yay for Portland’s TAX FREE shopping.

I went shopping at Adidas

Man I’m exhausted. shopping really works up an appetite and a thirst. Time to head to Bailey’s Taproom for a beer I think. I hope you get a chance to visit the Adidas store the next time you visit Portland. I’d go back to Portland just for the shopping, the beer and great coffee are bonuses Smile.

Adidas new line of clothes

I want to thank my sponsors Roam Mobility and GM Canada for helping me make this series possible. Roam of course for their awesome product to help me stay connected at a reasonable price and to GM for providing me with a sweet ride to make the road trip in. I don’t know what I’ll be getting yet but I’m looking forward to exploring and test driving a brand new GM.


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