A Cycling Tour Through America’s Perfect Town, Celebration Florida

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Remember Desperate Housewives? That TV show set in an idyllic town on Wisteria Lane where everything from the outside looks perfect. That town exists and it is Celebration Florida. Located within Kissimmee city limits this master planned community is the embodiment of white picket fences, manicured lawns and picture perfect houses. Disney pulled out all the stops when they built this town 20 years ago and like every great Disney story it is a work of art. The best way to experience it all is by cycling through the town which is exactly what I have planned for my adventure today. A leisurely bike ride through America’s perfect town with Celebration Bike Rental Tours.

One of the many ponds in Celebration Florida

Built on land once owned by Disney the town of Celebration is just over 20 years old. Once wetlands the town is now home to just over 7,000 residents and probably 10 times that in birds and other wildlife. Water is a major part of this planned community with ponds and small lakes dotted throughout the community. I kinda think that every home has a water view here.

Map of Celebration Florida

The town centre is easy enough to explore on foot and I highly advise you do. There are plenty of cute shops, ice cream parlours and places to just sit and enjoy the view if your feet are sore. For me, I want to see as much of the town as possible so I head to the parking lot of the Bohemian Hotel where I will find Celebration Bike Rentals. They offer hourly rentals and guided tours. I’m opting for the guided tour.

A sea of bikes to rent in Celebration Florida

As luck would have it my tour guide was raised in Celebration and actually boasts the distinction of being from the first graduating class of Celebration that started in Kindergarten. Let the cycling begin.

Celebration walking trail

As we begin I learn that the town of Celebration Florida is crisscrossed with miles of boardwalks. Whether you walk or cycle, day or night the paths throughout Celebration are open. You can’t see it in the photo below but many of the paths are lit for nighttime safety.

Cycling the boardwalk through Celebration Florida

We cycle from one water feature to another. Each is teeming with wildlife. Turtles, birds and even the occasional alligator. I didn’t spot an alligator on this trip but I was told they are fairly common.

Bird watching as you cycle Celebration Florida

The architecture of the town is quite remarkable and is a draw for many town planners and tourists alike. As these are homes people live in I choose to respect their privacy by not getting up close and personal shots of their homes.

It’s highly unlikely during the day but during the twilight hours, you may be lucky enough to hear and see a wild boar amongst the trees and foliage that the boardwalks cut through. I wish I had seen one of those. I did see plenty of wild orange trees along the route. If I could extend my arms an extra 10 feet or so I may have been able to pluck one.

Wild Oranges off the path in Celebration Florida

Was it six or eight miles of cycling I’m not sure. What it was though was quite peaceful and relaxing. Plenty of moments along the way to stop and smell the roses and watch the abundant wildlife that calls Celebration Florida home.

If time is of no concern may I suggest you pack a picnic lunch and find a spot to enjoy it. Or head back into the town centre and find yourself a patio to enjoy a glass of wine or two.

America’s perfect town is an oasis of calm inside a big city.

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Thanks to Visit Florida and Experience Kissimmee for their support in making this travel series possible. My views and opinions are 100% my own.

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