The Foodie Trail From Wolfville To Annapolis Royal Is a Culinary Adventure

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Are you looking for a culinary adventure? My guess is yes. Never in my travels have I eaten and drank my way moving from one city to another. That is exactly what happened to me when I said goodbye to Wolfville and made my way to Annapolis Royal. It started out exploring the Starr’s Point Agritourism Loop in Port Williams, then to a Lobster feast in Halls Harbour and ended up sampling some spirits just outside of Annapolis Royal. I barely had room for dinner after this unexpected culinary adventure. This is quite possibly the most fun I’ve had on my road trip in Nova Scotia so far. If only I’d had a partner in crime I could have sampled more tasty treats!

Huge Lobster part of the behind the scenes tour at Halls Harbour Lobster Pound

Like all my days it starts with a good Americano. This one is from Just Us! Coffee House in downtown Wolfville.

Coffee for the road

My first stop is a few minutes drive from Wolfville to the town of Port Williams. For a town of around 1000 people, Port Williams has a lot to offer visitors and me. Most notably the Starr’s Point Agritourism Loop.

Stars Point Agri Tourism Loop map Port Williams, Nova Scotia

There are breweries, a pub, a winery, a farm and a dairy farm making some of the best cheese you’ll ever taste. My first stop is The Port Pub where I can taste some of the local brews including Sea Level Brewing which is brewed right next door.

Sea Level Brewing beer line up

Tasting flight of Sea Level Brewing

After I wet my whistle I went to visit the Foxhill Cheese House. Six generations have run this farm and they make everything including savoury cheeses, natural yoghurt, luscious gelato, and pasteurized non-homogenized milk in glass bottles. Seriously they make the best chocolate milk you will ever taste. If you are travelling with a refrigerated cooler bag, please stock up. You will not regret it.

Foxhill Cheesehouse Formagerie

The best Chocolate Milk ever from Foxhill Cheesehouse Formagerie

I visited a few more stops, but I am leaving those for you to discover on your own. Instead, I headed to the Noodle Guy for a healthy and tasty lunch. I was told he makes the best noodles and I am happy to report the recommendation was spot on. Check out my Soba Noodles plate. OMG so good and so fresh.

Lunch at the Noodle Guy in Port Williams

I’m waving goodbye to Port Willians with a full belly and a bit of cheese for a midnight snack. Now I am off to the fishing village of Halls Harbour on the Bay of Fundy coastline. Specifically, I am here to visit and have lunch at Halls Harbour Lobster Pound. I know I just ate in Port Williams, but this is Lobster I get to pick for myself and the view from the outdoor deck is amazing.

Outdoor dining at Halls Lobster Pound

Inside the restaurant, I’m directed to the gift shop where you place your order. There is a lot of choice available including whole Lobster meals. You actually are asked to pick your Lobster and then they prepare it fresh for you.

Halls Harbour Lobster Pound menu

Pick your fresh Lobster at Halls Harbour Lobster Pound

While I wait for my Lobster to be ready I take part in a tour of the back area. Lobster is brought in fresh every day and they do a nice show and tell explaining how to pick a Lobster and how to eat them. This baby is huge at around 10lbs.

Huge Lobster part of the behind the scenes tour at Halls Harbour Lobster Pound

Lobster is served.

My Lobster lunch is served at Halls Harbour

First bite of my Lobster

Ok, now I am really full. It is time to get back on the road and make my way to Annapolis Royal. It is great to keep your eyes open for unexpected attractions when you are driving because if I hadn’t been paying attention I may have missed my next stop on my culinary adventure. Still Fired Distilleries is located just outside of downtown Annapolis Royal.

Still Fired Distillery, outside Annapolis Royal

If it wasn’t for a small road sign I would have never spotted it. Curious I pulled in and shouted out a hello. Probably the smallest distillery I’ve ever visited I was invited inside and sampled a thimble full of three of their spirits. Vodka, Thai Chili Vodka and Night Owl Moonshine. OMG, I loved them. Especially the Nigh Owl Moonshine which I bought for a special occasion treat. That occasion could be a Monday, Tuesday or a Wednesday…

Spirit tasting at Still Fired Distillery

Ok, I really need a nap now. thankfully I am only a few minutes away from my home away from home for the next night. I’m checking into The Garrison House Inn which is located across from the Fort Anne National Historic Site.

The Garrison Inn Annapolis Royal

My room at the Garrison House Inn

I need a nap badly as I’ve got a Ghost Tour to take tonight after touring Fort Anne and dinner at Restaurant Compose.

What a culinary adventure I had today and it was all on my route from Wolfville to Annapolis Royal. Well done Nova Scotia, well done.

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Thanks to Nova Scotia Tourism for their support in making this travel series possible. All views and opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. I visited this area waaay back when I was a teen in the 1980’s. It looks much more fun and delicious now! 🙂 I’d love to pay a visit back to check out all those culinary delights. Everything looks so tasty! Thanks for sharing your adventures in NS, Marc!

  2. My friend moved to Annapolis Royal a few years back and I went out to Nova Scotia to visit here. Unfortunately we went on a road trip and I didn’t actually spend anytime in Annapolis Royal. Looks like I missed out and need to go back.

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