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We are just over one month away from Christmas, and that means shopping, presents and time spent with family and friends. It also means we are one week away from Dec 1st that is the day my sister and I would receive our Advent Calendar. You remember those don’t you? A 25-day calendar counting down the days till Christmas. Behind each number is a chocolate treat waiting to be revealed and enjoyed.  Well, Dinner With Julie’s Julie Van Rosendaal has come up with a new kind of Advent Calendar that just may be my new tradition, and it is a perfect act of kindness for those struggling to put food on the table during the holiday season. Julie has created a Reverse Advent Calendar and will be filling it with items needed by her local Food Bank.

advent calendar

Vancouver Theatre Sports Christmas Queen IMprov Show

As I was looking at my Facebook on Sunday, I came across a status update from Julie that caught my eye. In it she shared how the Calgary Food Bank is serving an additional 10,000 people per month more than last year. That is a whole lot of people who are struggling to put food on their table. Instead of feeling sad for them, Julie has come up with a creative way to help them out. This is where the Reverse Advent Calendar comes in.

Facebook status from Dinner with Julie

Taking two empty wine boxes, Julie and her family will fill one spot each day leading up till Christmas with an item to be donated to the Calgary Food Bank. In total 24 items, one for each wine bottle spot. I think this is awesome and a great way to teach our kids and ourselves to be thankful for all the wonderful things we enjoy.

Dinner With Julie reverse Advent Calendar boxes

Since Julie posted this at noon on Nov 21st, over 1300 Facebook shares have occurred. I don’t know if each of those shares will turn into a Reverse Advent Calendar, but I can promise you that at least one will be made by me starting on Dec 1st. Perhaps I’ll do an Instagram a day to document what I put in the boxes.

Will you join Julie and me? Let’s be kind and support our Food Banks across Canada. They do great work making sure that no one goes hungry, especially the almost 50% of their clients that are children. Enjoy your traditional Advent Calendar, but make a Reverse Advent Calendar as well and share some kindness with your community.

Vancouver Theatre Sports Christmas Queen IMprov Show

Update: I’ve started my Reverse Advent Calendar and it starts with a box of pasta. As it also happens today was the first day of trying out my brand new Intel 2in1 Microsoft Surface Pro 4. It arrived a few days ago and after a fairly easy set up I was ready to give it a go. The battery life so far is excellent. I made sure it was fully charged and have not had to recharge it since. I’ve also spent a bit of time adding my favourite Apps like Facebook, Twitter, Netflix and Dropbox to my Windows 10 Menu. I actually wrote this post on the Surface Pro and find it quite easy once I got the hang of it. Switching between the Pen and the keyboard is easier than I expected and combines the speed of a keyboard with the flexibility of a touch screen. So far so good and of course, it is super light and convenient to take to my local coffee shop.

The start of my Reverse Advent Calendar

Writing my days blog post on a Surface Pro Intel 2 in 1

#spon: I’m required to disclose a relationship between our site and Intel This could include Intel providing us w/content, product, access or other forms of payment.

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