Taking The Chevrolet Volt For A Test Drive At Hogan Chevrolet

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Are you tired of your gas bill creeping up and up every time you fill up your car? Have you thought of going switching to an electric car? I’ve driven a Chevrolet Volt on numerous occasions and it has fast become one of my favourite cars to drive. especially when I’m cruising around in the city. I was invited to Hogan Chevrolet to test drive the new 2017 Volt and I couldn’t say no. What could be better than taking a Chevrolet Volt for a spin around the neighbourhood paired with a dealership with over 92 years of experience? Are you ready for a ride? Let’s go.

Hogan Chevrolet has been around for 92 years so they must be doing something right. Multi-generations have bought their vehicles from Hogan and that means something to me. My father was a car salesman for over 30 years and the trust and service he built over the years with his clients meant that they always got the best car for their needs. I suspect it is the  same at Hogan Chevrolet and with Paul Yoo, the salesman that is taking me out in the Volt.

Hogan Chevrolet in Scarborough

You’d never know the dealership is 92 years old as the facilities are brand new. In fact, they are still putting the final touches on some of the offices.

Let the test drive begin. Three things that I love about the Chevrolet Volt, in no particular order.

  1. Up to an 85 km range on a fully charged battery. Up to 560 km range when you factor in the 30-liter gas tank. This is more than enough to get you around the city without having to fuel up, or up to your cottage for a weekend escape for under $50.
  2. It only takes 4.5 hours to fully charge the battery at charging stations. Many office tower parking lots offer electric vehicle charging stations in their underground parking garage. Plus it is always rock star parking.
  3. Affordable! Thanks to government incentives and rebates the almost $35,000 Volt I took out for a test drive is under $25,000. Pair that with smaller gas bills and the Chevrolet Volt is a real wallet saver.

Another two features I’m a big fan of is Car Play the 4G LTE connected On Star features. I can cruise the city or the highways listening to my favourite playlist on Spotify and make hands-free calls and texts whenever I need to. I can text friends that I’m only 10 minutes away without lifting my hands from the steering wheel. No more distracted driving, EVER!

Massive display panel in the Chevrolet Volt

By the way, you don’t need a charging station to charge up your Volt. When I was in Georgian Bay this spring I plugged in at every B&B that I stayed in.

Plugged in my Chevrolet Volt at Craigleith Manor B&B

Great service, with a long tradition of making their customers happy. That is Hogan Chevrolet and when it is time for me to settle down in the GTA I know where I will be buying my Chevrolet Volt from.

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This post was sponsored by Hogan Chevrolet. My views, opinions and all photos and videos are 100% my own.

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