Celebrity Hobbies You Never Saw Coming!

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We don’t personally know celebrities in most cases, so it’s difficult to talk about some of the more unexpected things that they do. However, we found out about some of their more unusual hobbies which we, as mere mortals, can also indulge in.

Gigi Hadid Cooking Burgers

Cooking isn’t really unusual for the majority of us mere mortals who have to cook every day in order to survive. However, it’s somewhat more surprising when the likes of Gigi Hadid – international supermodel – appears¬†on MasterChef. It’s not often that someone who has to strictly watch what they eat for work is credited with making delicious burgers, especially to a standard praised by Gordon Ramsay (using expletives, as standard, of course). The 22-year-old beauty even won the competition, with the money going to charity, of course.

James Corden Playing in Gameshows

Ms. Hadid isn’t the first person to enter a TV contest to help out a charity, but sometimes, celebs do this for the love of the game, not just for their talents. Many games, for example, Deal or No Deal can’t really be trained for, but the surprise of winning the jackpot can be enough of a thrill to get involved. James Corden, TV host and massive British personality, found that out when appearing on a charity edition of the show in his homeland. The show is all about a gamble and a risk, and the star walked away with double his money for both an HIV and a children’s charity. Perhaps the reason he did so well was because One Direction wished him luck beforehand? The best bit is that anyone can play Deal or No Deal at home to feel the same adrenaline rush as Corden. There are now deal or no deal bingo games at William Hill, which is set out just like the game show itself. Bingo numbers open boxes, and there’s an element of suspense involved, just like on the show.

Blake Lively Surfing

Gossip Girl actress Blake Lively is known for her on- and off-screen grace, but the stunning mother-of-two is also really into surfing! Her character in The Shallows inspired the habit, and she actually did most of her own stunts in the movie, which is about a surfer who gets attacked by a shark. In fact, she was so good that she continued to surf, even when she was pregnant!

Kate Middleton Deep-Sea Diving

We’re not sure what you picture when you think of the future Queen of England, but “deep sea diver” probably isn’t the first thing. Husband Prince William has always been super into the sport, so Kate decided to work on her abilities in it, too. In fact, she has an advanced diving certification, which actually meets she can dive up to an impressive 98 feet. So, you can add “swimming with the fishes” to a list which also includes everything from fashionista to philanthropist!

As you can see, celebrities aren’t always who we think they are – but that makes them all the more interesting (and it kind of makes them more normal, too). Whilst nothing here is too out of the box, we bet some celebs are into some really crazy things. They’re probably the ones they keep secret!

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