Where to Have Breakfast In Portland? At Mother’s Bistro & Stumptown Coffee

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No good day begins without a cup of coffee.

The sun is shining through my window at the Hotel Rose and I am feeling fully rested. Now all I need to truly make this a great first day in Portland is breakfast and an amazing cup of coffee. I’m not to worried about finding either because from what I hear breakfast in Portland is almost a religion. The folks of Portland love their Breakfast/Brunch and coffee almost as much as Vancouverites do. The challenge is where to I begin my Portland culinary adventures? Why not start with one of the highest rated Bistro’s in town, Mother’s Bistro & Bar followed by coffee down the street at Stumptown Coffee Roasters. 30 Days In Portland is starting on a Caffeine high!

Mother's Bistro & Bar Portland

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Located a 5 minute walk from the Hotel Rose at 212 SW Stark St, Mother’s Bistro & Bar is a hopping place. It’s 9am on a Tuesday and there is a line-up already. If you look closely behind the desk you’ll see a plaque honouring Mother’s as a top restaurant for 2013 voted by Urbanspoon reviewers. Must be good.

Mother's is Open for business

waiting area at Mother's Bistro in Portland

Since I’m solo I skip the line up and saddle up to the bar. There is a benefit to dining solo after all Smile. Another benefit is being able to chat with the servers and getting the scoop on all things awesome in their city. The first recommendation from Jordan, name of my server, was to have the Biscuit Breakfast. Oh lord, my waist line isn’t going to be happy with this choice but you only live once right? I order it with 2 eggs poached soft and a coffee.

My server at Mother's is Jordan

The Bar at Mother's Bistro Portland

In pretty short order my breakfast arrives. OMG it looks so good. The biscuits are rich and dense yet light and pillowy at the same time. I can only guess that they are made fresh daily. The biscuit gravy with sausage is fantastic and it always tastes better in America than it does back in Vancouver. I’m not sure f you can tell but the biscuits have been fried/toasted so they are soft and crispy all at the same time. Sweet and salty as well. Nomnomnom, I think you can tell I loved this breakfast. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, I wasn’t able to clean my plate. I ate as much as I couldn’t eat another bit if you paid me to.

Biscuit breakfast at Mother's with 2 poached eggs

all that is left from breakfast at Mother's

Mother's Bistro & Bar on Urbanspoon

In between serving other guests Jordan loaded me up with some recommendations on her favourite coffee places and other restaurants. I’ve made notes of them and after breakfast I’m visiting one of her coffee shop recommendations, Stumptown Coffee Roasters. You know how much I love a good Americano and I can easily enjoy 3 to 4 a day, love walking and exploring a city with a warm cup of java in my hand.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters has 6 locations in Portland, 2 in Seattle, 2 in New York & 1 in Los Angeles, they must be serious about brewing good coffee. One of the Portland locations is only 3 blocks from Mother’s Bisto at 128 SW 3rd Ave. Fairly unassuming from the outside but once inside the coffee aroma hits you and some very cool funky tones are playing. It turns out they have a DJ booth at the back of the cafe and they play vinyl all day, not your normal coffee shop atmosphere that’s for sure. Very Portlandia….

Stumptown Coffee Roasters

old school vinyl playing over speakers at Stumptown

I order my Americano and while waiting I have it, the moment I’ve been waiting for. My first true “Keep Portland Weird” sighting. One of the patrons is what I can only describe as being original. I didn’t want to be rude so I snapped a clandestine photo because I just had to share his awesomeness. We can be so bland in our appearances, me included, so I love it when someone is so themselves it comes through in their attire. I think he’s part elf part awesome. I think he is also an artists because I saw him working on a piece.

awesome Portland character inside Stumptown Coffee

Ok back to the coffee, AWESOME. great flavour, bold and rich just how I like it. Now armed with a coffee in hand I think I’ll set out to explore the streets of downtown Portland. Who knows what I’ll see or who I’ll come across… It’s an adventure after all.

Diana Krall performing live in Portland

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