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If you’re looking for an adventure this summer, here’s a great, online solution, come pouring rain or scorching sun (and everything in-between).

It all starts with one, colourful man, who they call Mr Green.

With Mr Green’s online casino and sports site, you’re guaranteed a thrilling time.

And here’s why.

The Mystery of ‘Mr Green’

Part of the fun is trying to work out who on earth is ‘Mr Green’?

The site’s About Us section will only tell us that ‘No single individual knows the full story of Mr Green’s origins, bar Mr Green himself’ – so not many clues there. His birth is described as ‘mysterious’ and he apparently grew up in an orphanage, rising ‘from poverty to riches’.

The whole brand is built on Mr Green’s belief in ‘adventure and entertainment, experiencing all that life has to offer’, and he himself is described by employees as their ‘enigmatic benefactor – a gentleman amongst gentlemen’. This very well could be Mr Green’s personal online casino, and that it’s his personality spread all throughout the site.

Let the adventure begin at Mr Green Casino.

Man on a mountain

The Adventure of Live Casino

If you haven’t yet experienced live casino, then you need to at least cross it off your bucket list.

Feel the thrill (and do your best James Bond impression) with all of the exciting surroundings and glamour of a brick and mortar casino – but right from your device, in your own home (or wherever you choose to play). Live casino gaming is the innovative and exciting advancement of casino gaming technology – stare in wonder as a real life casino dealer communicates with you via HD live link, streamed straight to your device. Now there’s a way to spend a rainy/scorching weekend.

Enjoy Thrilling Bonuses & Promotions

We all like to receive something for nothing, and we really like it when we have a choice of what to receive.

Over at Mr Green, not only do you get added extras thrown in when you make your first deposit, BUT you get to choose which bonus you get! Choose from exciting options such as ‘double your money’, a batch of free spins in one go or some free spins every day.

And there’s even more – their promotions and bonuses mean that you can relive the thrills time and time again. There is a whole host of exciting ongoing promotions, so you get more bang for your buck, as these are given regularly to account holders.

Seek for adventure

Exhilarating Games To Get You Going

Everything mentioned so far has been a non-stop electrifying ride, where all the elements come together to produce something truly wonderful. However, we still haven’t mentioned the true draw of the Mr Green site – the one aspect which brings players from far and wide across the globe: the games themselves.

There are over 100 slot games which are of a consistently exceptional quality. This is pretty rare in the online casino world, where games can be hit and miss. However, because Mr Green works with only the best software providers (and isn’t tied to any one of them), he gets to choose only the very best games, from the top software developers. 

And there’s, even more, choice in the abundance of traditional table games available (blackjack, roulette, video poker etc) for more discerning players, and as mentioned above – those awe-inspiring live games too.

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