Choosing The Best Credit Card To Turn Your Shopping Into A Vacation

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How to find the best credit card for travel rewards

Groceries, cell phone, Netflix… you name it I pay for it with my credit card and why not. I generally pay it off each month and it is an easy way to track my expenses. Plus, I collect Aeroplan points and aside from flying this is the fastest way for me to build up my balance so I can redeem points for flights, car rentals, hotel stays, etc… A year worth of groceries, eating out and filling up at the gas station means my flight home at Christmas is completely covered. Not a bad deal in my books. The real challenge is finding the best credit card for you. What works for me may not be the best credit card for you and so on. My friends at Ratehub have the solution to our problem and I’m going to share it with you below.

Ratehub home page screenshot, finding the best credit card

Cash back, low interest, reward programs, the list goes on an on of what’s offered by different credit cards. Some have fees and some don’t. How do you know if the annual fee is worth paying compared to the rewards you get back in return for what you spend? Ratehub has a credit card calculator that walks you through a series of questions and based on your answers it provides you with a selection of cards that fit your needs.

Based on the reward type you are looking for, how much interest you want to pay and the max annual fee you are comfortable with the Ratehub credit card calculator provides you with a list of suitable cards and actually tells you the Net Reward you will receive in your first year.

Ratehub Best Credit Card calculator

I personally use the TD Aeroplan Platinum Visa Card as I love my Aeroplan points and the low annual fee. In fact, I redeemed Aeroplan points this year for a Maple Leaf Lounge Pass that would grant me access to North American and European lounges when I travel. This is a great perk for me as I am in airports every month, and I always arrive early.

North America Plus Maple Leaf Lounge Pass

Another perk Ratehub offers is a quick and easy breakdown of the insurance benefits of the card you are looking at. For me, car rental insurance is a big thing as I’m in rental cars all the time. This saves me a significant amount of money each trip I make. If you are wondering if you ever need it the answer is yes. I was rear ended on a trip while in Louisiana and the insurance from my credit card covered everything. I wasn’t even out of pocket for any of the expenses which totalled over $5000 US.

You Need to do your own homework on deciding which is the best credit card for you but I highly recommend you give the Ratehub calculator a try first. Best of all it is completely free for you to use. They receive a referral fee from the issuing credit card company, just like Mortgage Brokers do. It is safe, free and all the info you need in an easy to read format.


Best Credit Cards Canada

Full disclosure: I was not paid to write this story, however I do receive a commission payment from Ratehub for every person that uses the above calculator tool. I only promote and endorse products I personally believe in and Ratehub is one of those products.

Good luck turning your weekly grocery shop into a fabulous and well deserved vacation. If you need some ideas on where to go, I may have a few ideas for you.


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