BC Chicken Squad Releases A Movie Trailer With A Barnyard Bash

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Hormone and Steroid free since the 1960’s

Every once in a while an event comes along that makes you say yes without even knowing what it’s about. The Barnyard Bash I attended this past Saturday to launch the World Wide Premier of Chicken Squad the movie trailer is one of those events. Who could say no to a barnyard bash? What I know about the event is that it’s all about BC Chicken and getting the word out there that our Chicken is hormone & steroid free, they don’t live in cages and that BC Chicken is some of the best chicken in the world. Sounds like a fun night and I can’t resist thinking Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

chicken squad banner

Every Chicken dinner starts with a chicken coupe tour right? Maybe not but that’s what starts off my night. We arrived at a mystery chicken farm in Langley and quickly donned protective suits and booties.

Biosecurity in Effect at the Chicken Farm

I'm ready to enter the Chicken Coupe

Inside the barn it’s like a sauna. Temperature controlled to keep over 16,000 little chicks warm and happy. First myth dispelled there are no cages in sight. All 16,000 chicks roam free and when hungry gather at the little food dispensers for a snack. A lot has changed since my last chicken farm tour, it has gone high tech and every little detail is recorded and documented. If there is ever a problem in the future  it would only take minutes and hours to figure out the source versus days and weeks in the past.

no cages in sight at this chicken farm

a baby chick only 5 days old

a place to eat for the baby chicks

After cleaning up it’s time to head to the party barn and a glass of good old BC Wine (Sumac Ridge Cabernet Merlot). The festivities start off with a BBQ demonstration and grilling tips from the Master of BBQ himself Rockin Ronnie.

ready to get my #ChickenSquad on with some Sumac Ridge Cab Merlot

Rocking Ronnie shares some grilling tips

how to make square Chicken Burger sliders

Jerusalem Chicken Slider - recipe from Rockin Ronnie

Now that our taste buds are awake it’s time to head into the barn. This isn’t your normal Barn set up I bet. We gather round family style and are treated to a spectacular meal of guess what… CHICKEN. Moist, tender, juicy and happy to report still hormone and steroid free. That is damn good chicken. While we eat we are entertained by local country signer and songwriter Madeline Merlo, remember that name she was fantastic.

ready for chicken dinner in the barn

Roasted Chicken dinner

Local country singer songwriter Madeline Merlo

Of course all of this evening so far has been a prelude to the reason we are all here, the reveal of Chicken Squad the movie trailer. Up to now we’ve been able to watch 8 “trailer” episodes documenting everything from the casting call to the making of Chicken Squad. Now it’s time to see the finished product.

As far as awareness campaigns go I give this two thumbs up and a 10 out of 10. If you’ve ever wondered what a day in the life of a chicken farmer is like you don’t have to wonder anymore. Just kidding, this is obviously scripted and directed but the message is clear, BC Chicken Farmers are passionate about producing healthy, safe and free from hormone & steroid chickens for us and their families to eat. Winner winner chicken dinner say I.

Check out the campaign and connect with the BC Chicken Farmers on their twitter page. They want to engage with you #ChickenSquad.

I can’t resist sharing some photos of some of the awesome people I was with and the good time we had including the stars of the Chicken Squad, CTV News Anchor Norma Reid and even the Mayor of Abbotsford and his wife. Good times with good people.

Angie Qualle with Chicken Farmer RAVI BATHE

CTV's Norma Reid with Ravi and his freinds

Alex Gill loves her Chicken Slider

Me with the Mayor Banman and his wife at the Chicken Squad premier

one of my fav people Angie Quaale

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