Bailey’s Taproom, Downtown Portland Beer Bar

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Once discovered it’s hard to stay away.

Just one tiny block away from The Benson Hotel is Bailey’s Taproom, without doubt the place I visited the most during my 30 Days In Portland. Bailey’s Taproom became like a coffee shop to me, a comfy place to get oriented and ready for what comes next in my day. The big difference of course is that Bailey’s is a Portland beer bar and not a coffee bar. It’s a tiny little place that can hold a maximum of 50 or so people but it’s alive with conversation and a very easy place to spend half an hour or even a few hours at. Bailey’s Taproom quickly became one of my go to spots for a beer during my time in Portland and it’s all thanks to John Biehler for suggesting we give it a try one afternoon. Sometimes it pays off to try a new place, what’s the worst thing that could happen?

Pint on the shelf at Bailey's Taproom

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Bailey’s Taproom is located at 213 SW Broadway St and is directly across the street from Tugboat Brewing and Santeria Restaurant. Super convenient to be across the street from Santeria because no food is available at Bailey’s however you can go across the street, order food from Santeria and they’ll deliver it to you at Bailey’s.

Bailey's Taproom

looking from Bailey's you can see Tugboat Brewing & Santeria

When we first walked into Bailey’s the first thing I noticed was the screen above the bar. At first glance I wasn’t sure what it was but then John pointed out to me that it’s the beer menu board with an added feature, it shows the level of beer in each keg. With over 20 beers on tap to choose from at any given time there is sure to be a beer or two here you’ll like. John found many to his liking Smile

walking into Bailey's Taproom

the first thing I notice when I walk into Bailey's Taproom is the screen

close up look at the beer menu at Bailey's Taproom

I was fascinated by the options to choose either a 20oz pour for $4.50 or a 10oz pour for $2.50 and this made my choices so much easier to make. After all if I choose a beer I don’t like it’s not like I feel obligated to finish it as I won’t be wasting much and at $2.50 each it’s cheap! The first beer I selected is a Smoked Apple Ale from Breakside Brewery. John of course went for an IPA, which one I couldn’t tell you as I’ve lost count of all the IPA’s he’s tried with me. Tasty but I’m glad I got the 4oz pour, I think I’ll try another one when I’m finished.

Marc and John enjoying their first beer at Bailey's Taproom

pour me a beer please

That’s what I like about Bailey’s, it has a funky fun atmosphere that really draws a crowd but at the same time you don’t have to be a beer expert to have a good time. For beer drinking pros like John the selection is awesome and diverse. For the amateur beer drinkers like me I don’t have to commit to a huge pint of something I may not enjoy that I’ve never tried. Bailey’s has created a beer bar that everyone can enjoy.

packed house at Bailey's Taproom

The next time you visit Portland stop in at Bailey’s Taproom and enjoy a few beers. Trust me it won’t be your last time there, during my visit I stopped in at least 6 times.  You can thank me now or later Smile

Beer at Bailey's

Bailey's Taproom on Urbanspoon

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