5 Of The Best Coffee Shops In Vancouver; The Independent Edition

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Coffee is life. It is a religion for some people and a mild obsession for others. I am speaking about myself. The first thing I do when I arrive in a new city is to source out the coffee shops. I’ve done it in London, England, New Brunswick, New Orleans and San Francisco. Starting the day off with a perfect cup of coffee puts me in the right frame of mind to tackle any challenges I may face. I’ve decided to highlight five of the best coffee shops in Vancouver based on areas tourists may visit. Gastown, Main Street, Yaletown and West 4th Ave are all covered. Let’s get our caffeine fix on.

Coffee in Vancouver

YaletownCoo Coo Coffee at 477 Davie Street is the coffee shop I spend the majority of my time. It is just a few blocks from my home, has free WiFi, makes great breakfast sandwiches and each cup of coffee is made to order. I only drink americano’s, and everyone I order has that golden crema on top. This is where all the flavour is and I’m never disappointed. It is a very small cafe with six tables inside and five tables on the covered patio, but it is my favourite hangout place. Located just a few short blocks from the Seawall this is where I grab a coffee for my walks in the sunshine. I love Yaletown.

Working on my laptop with an Americano at CooCoo

CooCoo coffee to go

West 4th AveCulprit Coffee Co at 2028 Vine Street is hard to miss with its bright yellow wall beckoning you to visit. Culprit Coffee Co is a small coffee shop with limited seating. However, they offer great coffee and specialty treats that appeal to many of the latest food trends like Gluten Free and Paleo. If you want a Paleo Latte, they know how to make one. Located at the Corner of West 4th and Vine you can either start or finish your West 4th Ave shopping adventures here.

Culprit Coffee Co

Menu board at Culprit Coffee Co

Coffee at Culprit Coffee

GastownBuro The Espresso Bar at 356 Water Street is the youngest of all the coffee shops I toured. Opened in September of 2015, Buro has an amazing location at the entrance to Gastown. In fact, Gastown has tons of great coffee shops however, this newcomer offers plenty of seating and good WiFi if you need to pull out your laptop and Facebook some pictures from your adventures. A nice selection of pastries is available to pair with your coffee, although for me the people viewing is all I need to go with my coffee.

Buro Coffee Gastown

Plenty of places to work at Buro Coffee Gastown

West EndGreenhorn Espresso Bar at 994 Nicola Street is a hidden gem that the locals of the West End know about, but maybe not visitors to our city. Located a few blocks East of Denman Street this hidden gem offers a cosy atmosphere with high-quality cafe food and perfectly brewed coffee. If you come down to visit Stanley Park, English Bay and the Seawall add a few extra blocks to your exploring and chill out at Greenhorn Espresso Bar. It’s an insider secret.

Greenhorn Coffee

Coffee at Greenhorn Espresso Bar

Main StreetKafka’s Coffee & Tea at 2525 Main Street. Main Street has been a popular shopping destination of mine for years. Known for great antiquing Main Street is also emerging as one of the new hip areas of town to call home. As a result, cool boutiques have opened up to expand the shopping choices. Kafka’s is not a new fad place to visit though, it has been around for years and offers Espresso, Pour Over and great Teas for you to choose from. Located at Broadway and Main Street it is the perfect place to grab a coffee and start your exploration of the shops on Main St.

Kafka's Coffee Shop on Main Street

Behind the Espresso bar at Kafka's

Here are just a few of the best coffee shops in Vancouver. If you ask someone else they may give you an entirely different list. In fact, over a glass of wine with friends the other day I asked for their recommendations and got a completely new list from each of them. Vancouver has a great coffee scene so chances of you getting a bad cup are pretty slim, but I guarantee that you will not be disappointed with the five amazing independent coffee shops I listed above.

Happy hunting and feel free to share in the comments below your favourite places. I may just do a follow-up.


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