What’s A Festival Without Beer Especially A Beer Festival

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Beer, boys and Boise, my three new favourite words.

Having been raised in BC for my entire life the thought a few thousand people in a park drinking beer legally kinda throws me for a loop. That is exactly what is happening in Boise, Idaho while I’m in town so you know I have to go and check it out. Take me to the Barley Bros Traveling Beer Show. Over 24 breweries with over 60 types of beer available to try, and the ticket is only $35 for one day, $60 for both days. What a steal, this isn’t happy hour this is Happy Days!

Barley Bros Beer Fest

Chek out the crowd at the Beer Fest

With my trusty beer tasting buddy Lauren from Southern California to guide me we are off! Marc and Lauren Beer tasting buddies

I’m not sure if I have the skill to really communicate the energy and awesomeness I encountered. Everywhere around me people were friendly, respectful and down right polite. It might have been the beer but I honestly think it was just a bunch of people that all wanted to have a great time and no one was in a rush to do anything because it just didn’t matter, there was beer for everyone.

Don't worry be hoppy

New Belgium Beer

As I’ve been discovering I tend to prefer lagers and Belgium style beers such as “Saison. So of course the first beer I had to have was from New Belgium out of Fort Collins, Colorado. Delicious. The next tent we stopped at was one of Lauren’s favourites, Deschutes Brewery from Portland, Oregon. Probably my favourite of the day was their River Ale. in fact it was the one I had more than once Smile

Deschutes Beer

Lots of great beers were on hand for tasting, in fact far to many for me to list and really it was impossible to get photos + drink + take notes so I opted for drinking and the occasional photos like these.

great crowd at Beer Fest

lining up for some great beer tastes

this boy loves his Goose Beer

Since we had just spent the day before touring some of the better breweries in Boise it was great to see some of them at the festival. Our friends from Payette Brewing were there as well as Brewmaster Sean from 10 Barrel Brewing.

Our friends at Payette Brewing repping it at Beer Fest

Brewmaster Sean from 10 Barrel Brewing

Just to prove that everyone is fun and laid back I ran into this fun bunch visiting from Oregon. They were a riot and even came prepared with their own home made pretzel necklaces. Nothing goes better with beer than a pretzel, trust me I tried one Smile

these folks brought their own pretzel necklaces

gettin Le'id

Three hours was about all my liver could handle but I’m sure many of these folks will be back again on Sunday for day 2. Not a bad way to spend a weekend at all I’d say.

So there you have it Vancouver. It is possible to have a few thousand people in a public space drinking without a major mishap occurring. I challenge us to try it.

Tomorrow I’m going to say good bye to all this beer talk and get back to sharing with you one of my true passions, food! Stay tuned cause I ate in some great places!

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