Jet Boating On The Harrison River

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A visit to Harrison Hot Springs isn’t a visit until you’ve been on the water with Harrison Eco Tours.

I’ve swam in the pool at Rowena’s, walked the boulevard around the lagoon in Harrison Hot Springs and toured a couple of the stops on the Circle Farm Tours but what I haven’t done is get out onto Harrison Lake yet. That is about to be remedied thanks to the good folks at Harrison Eco Tours who are treating my Mom and I to a 2.5 hour jet boat tour up the Harrison River to where it meets the Fraser River.

Cruising on the Harrison River towards the bridge

One of the cool things about my Mom is that she loves the water so if possible she was more excited about this adventure than I was. On the wharf right in front of the Harrison Hot Springs Resort is our water chariot (jet boat). Our guide and “captain” is named Yves and right from the beginning he had us feeling that this was going to be a great adventure.

the Harrison Resort Dock

Eco Tours

Yves helping my Mom into the boat

Off we go. We start out slow because there are kayakers in the marina as well as the large WIPEOUT inspired inflated water park to get past first.

goodbye Harrison

look at all that funbig massive waterpark fun

It’s only been 5 minutes but Yves is already proving to be a great host and source of information un paralleled. Sharing his 10+ years of tour guide experience with us it’s obvious he loves his job. Who wouldn’t love being on the water every day during the summer!

The town of Harrison is located at the southern most tip of the 60KM lake and just a quick trip in our boat takes us to the mouth of the Harrison River. The Harrison River is off limits to boat renters however if you have your own or you are smart like we are and take a guided tour then you can cruise the river in comfort and safety. I say safety because the water level varies so much on the river depending on the time of year and the snow melt that you really need to know the river well so that you don’t end up beaching your boat on a shoal. No chance of that happening with our handy captain Yves at the wheel though. Rounding this bend takes us from the Lake to the river.

to the left is the lake and the right is Harrison River

our trusty captain Yves

Harrison River here we come

motoring along the Harrison River

An interesting fact we learn along the way from Yves is that most of the River before we reach Harrison Mills & The Pretty Estates is privately owed (only accessible by boat) or First Nations land and is so is off limits to the casual vacationer. The Harrison River is still a working river though and there is lots of evidence along the banks with flotillas of logs waiting to be barged to the mills.

Flotilla of logs on teh Harrison River

River Camp barge on the Harrison

Private home on the Harrison River

As we near more the populated area of the river we start to see some life teaming up from the river in the form of some feeding Cut Throat Trout jumping for joy as they gobble up some Salmon Fry.

Not to be outdone by the trout we spot a few Osprey nests along the way and even saw one of Natures best hunters take flight from their perch above us.

An Osprey on the Harrison River

an Osprey Takes flight

Osprey takes flight

Not bad for a camera phone Smile

gorgeous day on the river

Speeding along Harrison River

As we near Sandpiper Golf Course on the left bank of the river is a camp ground ( not sure which one) and right in front of us is a bridge that we pass under on our last leg to meet the Fraser River.

Camping along the Harrison River

Bridge over the Harrison River

We’ve reached the Fraser River and boy can you see the waters from the two rivers meet up. That’s a whole lot of silt in the Fraser River. We also met a seal in this area but the little guy was far too quick and smart for me to catch with my camera. We tried our best trust me but those suckers can swim fast!

Harrison River meets the Fraser

The Harrison meet the Fraser River

Time to head back but not before we get an up close view of Sandpiper and Rowena’s from the river viewpoint.

view from the river of Sandpiper Golf Course

Rowena's Inn as seen from the Harrison River

Imagine that this was your family get a way cottage, that’s the life! It’s time to return to Harrison Hot Springs but not before I shoot one last video cruising down the lake.

returning back to Harrison Hot Springs

What a way to end the day and a 30 Days Of Summer get a way! Fantastic. If you do this please wear lots of sunscreen as it was hot and man that sun beats down on you when you are on the water. Huge thanks to Yves and the whole team at Harrison Eco Tours (BC Sportfishing Group) for hosting us on the water, it truly was a great adventure.

This ends our time in Harrison. Still lots to do and explore so I guess I’ll just have to come back. Perhaps my own 30 Days of Wipeout event at the water park? hmmmm might just have to plan that for early September, stay tuned!

Next up for 30 Days Of Summer it’s time for a few Staycation adventures. Woohoo!

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  1. Marc, what a wonderful time I had! You took some great pictures showing the wonderful sites and adventures. This was an amazing trip. I would recommend it to anyone!!! Thank you.

  2. We can hardly wait until our adventure with you. Great pictures and articles. You and mom both look great.

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