Indian Buffet At Palki Restaurant With Catherine Barr

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The North Shore is her oyster.

Catherine Barr, or Cat Barr as she’s better known, is an icon in the Vancouver social events scene. Whether it’s West Vancouver Garden parties, Crystal Ball Gala’s or private jets, if it’s worth covering Cat Barr with be there. For over 15 years Cat has been letting us in to the “exclusive” world she’s been a part of but there is more to this glam gal than the society pages allude to. Cat has a nursing degree and has been writing computer code since she was only 11 years old. Beauty and brains in one package. Proving how smart she is Cat had the vision over 15 years ago to invest in a few domain names on this thing called the “internet”. Fast forward to today and two of those properties & have combined traffic of over 8 million hits a month. What I would give for that kind of reach!

It’s no surprise that when I invited Cat to lunch for 30 Days Of Ethnic Eats she choose a restaurant on the North Shore. It’s off to Palki Restaurant we go.

Catherine Barr

Butter Chicken

Palki is located at 116 East 15th Street at Lonsdale and from downtown it only took me 35 minutes to get there via Seabus and the Bus. Not bad if you are looking for a change of scenery. Set just off Lonsdale it would be easy to miss Palki but you shouldn’t. The food is authentic and tasty and the owners and staff are friendly with just the right amount of attention paid to you.

Palki Restaurant


You can order off the menu but why would you when they offer up a lunch buffet that you can go back to have seconds at. Yummy. The great thing about a buffet is that you don’t have to choose one dish over another you can have them all, in small portions I hope. At Palki the lunch buffet has some of my favourite Indian specialties – Dal Lentils, Vegetable Curry and a Mushroom and Green Pea Curry.

Cat Barr at the Buffet at Palki Restaurant

Dal Lentils

Mixed Vegeatble Curry

Mushrooms and Green Pea Curry

That’s not all though, next to go on my plate satisfy the carnivore in me. Beef Curry, Butter Chicken and Tandoori Chicken.

Beef Curry

Butter Chicken at Palki Restaurant

Tandoori Chicken

They all start to look the same in the chafing dishes but once they make it to your plate and then to your moth the flavours really stand out. Of course no Indian feast would be complete without some Naan bread to help you soak up all the delicious sauces and curries. Thanks to Naan bread I leave nothing on the plate. Nomnomnom

Lunch at Palki


Believe it or not Cat and I spent almost three hours at Palki Restaurant. Eating, laughing, sharing some tasty insider gossip and most of all catching up. Never judge a book by it’s cover and if you only think that Catherine “Cat” Barr is a social columnist then you are making a big mistake. In a time with newspapers and other traditional media companies are struggling to find their new “niche” Catherine and her husband have launched their own  Luxury lifestyle magazine called Turner Magazine. Aimed at the audience she knows best, the North Shore & West Vancouver elite, The magazine combines all of Catherine and Craig’s talents. Pick up a copy, it’s sexy.

I fell bad because we spent so much time catching up we forgot to do the Five Questions. However there are still more chances for you to enter the 30 Days Of Ethnic Eats contest. Enter away!

Enter to win a 30 Days Of Ethnic Eats dining experience with Marc Smith on Oct 15th and a Patak’s product gift basket filled with all sorts of goodies from Patak’s Canada. You can enter every day and the contest ends on Oct 14th. How to enter: (1 entry)

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Bonus Entry

A big thanks to Patak’s for sponsoring the #30DaysOfEthnicEats series. One of my favourite Patak’s products is Butter Chicken and here’s a super easy and tasty recipe for Butter Chicken using it. Click here to find out just how easy it is to Mix in a Little India in your life!

Butter Chicken

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