Cruising The St Lawrence River And Seeing 1000 Islands

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Nothing beats a river cruise through 1000 Islands.

Are there really 1000 Islands in the 1000 Islands? I’ve asked the question that I’m sure thousands of other tourists have asked. The answer is there are over 1800 islands throughout the region. I doubt I can see them all but at least I want to try and what better way than a boat cruise on Gananoque Boat Line. Maybe if I’m lucky I can find an Island to call my own and next summer instead of 30 Days In Ottawa I could spend 30 Days on my own private Island? Hmmmm something to think about….

Gananoque Boat Line

We board our boat right from the waterfront in Gananoque. I’ve brought my passport and made sure that my camera battery is fully charged. Why bring a passport, because the 1000 Islands are actually in Canadian and American waters and we are making a stop that I’ve been told will leave my jaw on the floor and it’s on the American side. I am getting ahead myself though.

Up to the top deck I go, the sun is shining, the sky is blue and the wind is blowing in my face. My face is one big smile and I’m ready to set sail.

Marc on the top deck of the Gananoque Boat Line Cruise

I opted for the 5 hour tour even though you can take a 1 hour or a 2.5 hour cruise. I want the full experience and like I’ve alluded to there is a special stop over that I want to see. Off we go.

Gananoque waterfront Joel Stone Park

Throughout the entire cruise we get an explanation of the islands we pass as well as any relevant historical facts. One thing you learn just from looking at the river is that this river is busy. Water sport enthusiasts are everywhere, kayaking, water tubing and jet skiing around. The St Lawrence is a water lovers paradise.

Jet Skier zipping by us

Jet Skiers (2)

There are a total of 1864 Islands. Some are so small that there is only enough room for a lighthouse and birds. Others are large enough to support farms and some industry. All it takes to be called an Island I’ve discovered is that there has to be one living tree on land that is above water 365 days a year.

Small Island with Lighthouse

larger island in 1000 Islands

This for example is considered an Island.

This is an Island

The area is gorgeous. Apparently properties don’t come up for sale very often. Many cottages and Islands have been in “the family” for 4 or 5 generations. If I had an Island in the family I would do whatever I could to keep it that’s for sure.

Island and one family cottage

Cottage on an Island

Some of the cottages make you shake your head in wonder how they were built as they seem to take up the entire Island. Other “cottages” are truly luxurious getaways with I can only imagine every creature comfort available.

the house is the Island

Gorgeous luxury cottages

One thing I love is sailing under bridges and here I’m lucky because there are 6 bridges that island hop connecting Canada and the USA.

A bridge connecting Canada and the USA

There was one bridge though that we couldn’t sail under. The owner owns two Islands. One is in Canadian Waters while the other is in American waters. What do you do when you want to visit either island? Well you walk the worlds shortest international bridge of course. I’m not sure if his claim is 100% accurate but it makes for a great story.

The shortest International bridge

possibly the worlds shortest Int bridge

We are fast approaching the moment I’ve been waiting for, a chance to disembark and explore Boldt Castle. Oh didn’t I tell you that there is an actual castle built on one of the islands and on this tour we get to stop and explore it!

Boldt Castle

I’m saving this tour stop for a post all to it’s own. It’s worth the trip as you’ll see in my next post. I’m a tease, I know but every day of 30 Days In Ottawa is a tease of the awesome that is yet to come and be experienced. Cody can’t wait Smile

Cody is excited to be on the water

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