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What do you get when you mix a tiger, a hipster and chef? le Tigre Cuisine modern Chinese delights!

Today’s #30DayFoodTrucks adventure was actually a wonderful collision of coincidences. The first one happened when on Thurs I called up my friend Leeann Froese to see if she wanted to book a food truck lunch with me, she actually ended up texting me Friday morning and said hey let’s do lunch today I’m on vacation! Boom food truck lunch booked!

The second one happened when I was sitting at my desk thinking about what Food Truck to visit when boom my Vancouver Street Food app pinged me letting me know about the grand opening of Le Tigre Cuisine at the corner of Alberni and Thurlow St. Boom choice made!

Le Tigre Cuisine

I love it when the universe clears the path in front of me. Now I had heard about Clement Chan and his food when I visited the Night Market back in June for my original 30 Day Adventures but unfortunately they weren’t open that night due to bad weather. Now that he’s brought his modern Chinese delights to downtown Vancouver I can enjoy it any day I want.

It looks like I wasn’t the only one to hear about the opening of Le Tigre, man there was a crowd formed as soon as we arrived!

the crowd lines up

It probably didn’t hurt that the folks from Eat St were on hand to film these folks as well for an upcoming episode on the Food Network Canada. Leeann and I got in line and checked out the menu of deliciousness.


Leeann places our order

For $9 we each ordered a combo each! That’s crazy value. I ordered the Steam Bun with pork belly & a side of finger licken chicken (chicken karaage) + a plum green tea. Leeann ordered the shao bing with bang bang chicken a side of beet fries and the lemon ice tea. While we were waiting for our food something magical happened, a very long time friend of  Leeann’s was in the neighbourhood, saw Leeann’s Facebook post about our lunch and came down to say hi. You can only do that at a food truck!

Leeann and Christina

Marc Leeann & Christina

While they caught up I checked out the inner workings of the truck, that’s a tight food line! I also caught the folks from Eat St filming random patrons. In fact catch my video with Eat St director Jordan Kawchuk.

hard at work

Filming happens guerrila style

Ok our food is ready!

our food is ready

shao bing and beet fries

Steamed buns and finger licken chicken

another photo of me eating

Now I interview Leeann on our experience.

So there you have it. Great food, great friends and a bit of TV thrown into the mix. I think this food truck is going to be a huge hit!

Tomorrow’s is well…. porktastic! stay tuned and go eat!

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