Thanks dubdub, 30 Day Adventures Is Making The Leap To Video

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Video is where it is at. Since I started 30 Day Adventures back in June 2012 all my friends have been telling me that I should be putting my adventures on YouTube. I totally agree with them and I do have over 200 videos on my channel. the problem is they aren’t very good. Why? The content is there, the subject matter is fabulous and I think I’m a pretty good face on camera, but I SUCK at editing. I have no skill working with Final Cut Pro or iMovie. Could I take a course and get those skills? Of course, I could. The challenge is where do I find the time in an already busy day to edit these videos. I think you can see my challenge. I want to create great videos for you, but I don’t have the time or the skill… until now. Let me introduce you to dubdub. 

dubdub shoot, create, edit from your phone

What is dubdub? It is a video editing app that takes footage I shoot on my iPhone and allows me to edit it on the spot. It is video editing for dummies, i.e. I am the dummy!

For example, on a recent trip to California this summer I went whale watching and filmed over 15 clips including some with dolphins and humpback whales. Within 15 minutes of the adventure being over I sat down on the wharf and straight from my phone I edited together this 90-second clip. What do you think?

Pretty impressive don’t you think?

Reducing the lag between epiphany, expression and reward

There is more….

A friend asked me for my famous homemade Chicken Curry recipe. Instead of writing it out and emailing the instructions to her I shot some video while making a batch for myself. After dinner, I used the dubdub app to create a step by step instruction guide on how to make my famous Chicken Curry. It’s so easy even a 7-year-old could follow along and make it.

Up till now I’ve been “playing” with dubdub and getting a feel for using video to tell my stories. In total, dubdub can produce videos up to 90 seconds long. That doesn’t seem like much but it is plenty time to tell a story. For example, check out this product review of a new suitcase I bought.

So what does this mean? More videos will be coming from me. Adventure videos, product reviews, and general lifestyle vids that will not only entertain, but keep you informed. It’s only taken me four years, but I’m finally doing what my friends have told me to do since day one.

30 Day Adventures is making videos!

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