30 Day Adventures #8 Cruising the Fraser River to Pitt Lake

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A 5 hour boat cruise – a la Gilligan’s Island theme

30 Day Adventures is about exploring my backyard in the Lower Mainland and that includes the suburbs, Pitt Meadows to be specific. Many of us that live in the downtown core for whatever reason often scoff at the idea of trekking out to the burbs to just hang out and explore, well not this boy. Pitt Meadows here I come. Full disclosure I caught a ride from Downtown Vancouver to Pitt Meadows Airport by my friend John Biehler who also agreed to share some of his amazing photos with me. You’ll see the difference trust me Smile To see more of John’s photos check out his Flickr page and his own blog,

IMG_0930We boarded the Pitt Lake Cruise at the float plane dock in Pitt Meadows joining a few other passengers who had boarded at the Westminster Quay dock. Off we go!

Ulrich our tour guide get us informed and entertained

Our tour guide Ulrich kept us entertained with stories and bits of history all day long. He also kept us groaning with some bad puns and jokes but after 30 years he needs to keep it fresh as well. I have to say Ulrich gave us a bit of a BC History 101 class on this trip. It’s simply amazing how much I don’t know about my own province.

One of the many bridges we go under

Random sitings along the river

Granite quarry along the banks of the Fraser River

The Fraser is a working river

Just a couple of us listening to one of Ulrich's stories

I think it’s wine o’clock.John Pam Wendy and Kristina

It might be raining but the country side is so vibrant

At this point we had gone under the bridges, passed some islands, saw the tugs at work and are now about to leave the Fraser and enter Pitt Lake, the world’s 2nd largest tidal lake.

At the entrance to Pitt Lake this is also a bird watchers paradise

An Osprey nest along the river

Osprey nest #2

One of the many homes we saw along the trip

Checking out some ancient First Nations Pictographs

I just loved the colour on this outcropping

Ancient First Nations pictographs

One of the benefits of a heavy rain is this powerful show of nature

Believe it or not this is called a donkey because it hauled the wood cut from above to the water

Simply beautiful a bald eagle

Our bald eagle in flight so majestic

As a wrap up check out a convenient feature not found on many rivers in the world.Just in case you need a meal warmed up on the river a microwave

I highly recommend this tour for everyone. It’s a great day filled with history, fantastic scenery, meeting new people and they even throw a nice lunch and some afternoon treats in as well. Not bad for $94.95 + HST per person. I want to say a special thanks to Tourism Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows for inviting me out to experience this adventure. Don’t forget you can board the trip either from Westminster Quay or the Pitt Meadows airport float plane dock.


Ok for my next adventure you’ll just have to wait and see.

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  1. What a great way to see the Fraser River and Pitt Lake! John’s photos are extraordinary. And I am loving your 30 day adventure series.

  2. gordon shepherd on

    Hi there – we found your website on the internet, and are wondering if you still
    run the cruise up the Fraser and Pitt Rivers from New Westminster. We couldn’t find a phone number and so are trying via email. Thanks.
    G. Shepherd
    Hope, BC

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