30 Day Adventures #6–An Afternoon at the Lonsdale Quay

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Only 15 mins from DT you have over 80 shops to choose from.

My last client job took me to North Vancouver to do a site visit of the Pinnacle Pier Hotel. I left the office a bit early and decided to explore The Lonsdale Quay. A place I often forget exists being that I live in Yaletown but that’s what 30 Days is all about! Shaking up the normal routines and exploring our city and what it has to offer.Lonsdale Quay since 1986

Did you know that the Lonsdale Quay was first opened in 1986 as a carnival style marketplace as part of Expo ‘86? Fascinating. The things we learn if we stop for just a moment to inquire and absorb.

Here is a photo journey of my tour with some of the shops that I visited. I think by the end you’ll see where my passion lies.

Screaming Mimi's

Prima Italian Cheese and pasta you can't go wrong

Sharky's a spread worthy of 2 photos

Sharky's part 2 can we say BBQA wall of hot sauce I could have spent lots of money here

Serioulsy a world of pies I never seen so many varieties

Every good market deserves a wine shop

Even better if there is a wine tasting

Chocoholic time

What doi you think I bought all of it

Did someone ask for ice cream

All good canadians deserve a beaver tail

Yup you guessed it I love food. Wait though there is way more to the Quay that just food vendors. There are 2 restaurants on the 2nd level plus a whole collection of other shops including a Kids Alley.

Inka's World crafts and goods made by the Inkas

Celtic Creations

Kids Alley

Public Mural Art Project

And what’s better to end an adventure with than a little relaxation? How about a little shiatsu massage to work out the kinks from all that shopping.

Shiatsu time

For a complete list of all the vendors including an amazing food court check out the listings here. Now get out and explore!

My next adventure takes me to Pitt Lake. Yes that’s right this Yaletown boy is going to the suburbs! Stay tuned.

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